Towards 2016 or Still - lost in our ways?

Chris “Marngrook” Johnson directed me here.

Dear Board Members,

The first time I’d ever…  seen/heard the selling of the “Relentless-United-Respectful” slogan with its powerful and emotive imagery linking of the historical back-to back-to back, 3-peat era players and jumper to the ‘new-era’ boys I was emotionally moved – great/powerful marketing. We were stirringly reminded we had “a history like no other, two tribes united for one common goal”. A calling of attention suggested, they have listened and gone to work to strengthen our values, to be driven towards 2016.

The Brisbane Lions Members Charter also advises they “will consult members on a regular basis through focus groups and surveys on significant issues affecting the club and/or members. These issues may include, but are not limited to, significant changes to the Club song and guernsey and will be determined by the Board of the Brisbane Lions.”

The Jumper Issue – is for some, whether they be from Queensland or from my home state Victoria, the major issue and good on them – Personally, I would follow our mob wearing anything but by-golly that traditional “Hero Lion” as Browny called it, looked grand at the docklands against Essendon as I am sure it will again for those heading to the Gabba to see us take on the pies on Friday night but… my grievance and predominantly why I am writing this letter, is to plead to the board that when there are “significant issues affecting the club and/or members” that we, current members, past players and officials are given the opportunity to voice our opinion and be given the opportunity to work together to strengthen what is in essence, all OUR values, going forward.

Yours in anticipation,

Paul M

Member no. #######

As a young Brisbane lions supporter

As a young Brisbane lions supporter who was brought up in Fitzroy supporting family, I remember the passion I felt for my team whenever I saw them running out on the MCG bearing the fitzroy lion, it was a great time the early 2000's, I felt like it was truly my own club. However I feel so disenfranchised at current, it feels as if the club is completely turning its back on its roots, please bring back the traditional guernsey, before its too late.  Too many fitzroy supporters have been lost already, it's not too late, but the club is dwindling too close to cutting off its own body, it's a long and hard road to win back support and the first place to start is to bring back the traditional guernsey.

Jack T

Member no. ####### 


Please give us, the members of the Brisbane Lions, a chance to vote on the strip prefered!

Dear Sir,

I am writing today because around four years ago the Brisbane Lions Board made a huge decision, a decision that has proven to be very devisive! This decision was the one which resulted in the current “Lion” being forced on us, the members, and also our beautiful jumper. And this while informing those who asked that no change was being made to the playing strip! 

When the new administration took charge, I had some hope that we would see our proper jumper back on the park, if not straight away, at least within a season or two. After all, it looked as though this was an administration which cared about the club members, even adopting, at least on the surface, the Members Charter, which I took to understand that the “club” would engage and consult members on decisions to do with the guernsey, which was shown to be lip service as the decision was made to extend the use of the current guernsey, without the agreed consultation, denying any / all members any say on the matter.

Now is the time to right this injustice, now is the time to petition the members as to their choice, either the Lion & jumper worn from merger, through thick and thin with the history of the three glorious premierships that are associated with it, or the current “lion” which has no history and no glory!

Please give us, the members of the Brisbane Lions, a chance to vote on the strip preferred!


Graham K

Member no. #######

From an ex-member

To whom it may concern,

I am a long-time supporter of the Brisbane Lions, and have been a member back in 2008 and rejoined in 2011 after the departure of the previous CEO and chairman.  I have however let my membership lapse this year.

As a non-Queensland/Victorian resident, I cannot make it to games.  The only real benefit I got out of being a member of the Brisbane Lions is the feeling of being part of the club and of being part of a voice that is listened to and respected by the club.  Back in 2009 and 2010, I did not feel that was the case under Michael Bowers, culminating in his dismissive attitude to both members and supporters in the aftermath of the jumper changes so resolved not to sign up again until he was no longer present.  That change was made in 2010, so I immediately signed up as a member for 2011 with hope towards the future.

My big hope was that with the new hierarchy coming in, more information would be forthcoming on the jumper change – why it was made and what basis the change was made on, rather than just a reference to a “focus group” who liked it.  Over the two years this hope slowly dwindled, even though I raised it in the member surveys provided over those years.  Ultimately it became even more apparent that the new bosses were the same as the old bosses, and decided to save my money.  If I don’t feel that the members are being listened to by the club or not even asked for their opinion, then why is it worth my while putting money into the club?  After all, as mentioned above, that is the only benefit I get out of being a member.

If the jumper decision is revisited, the reasonings made clear and a full and frank discussion is held with the members I would sign back up in an instant.  If it became clear that a majority of members and supporters prefer the new jumper, I would accept that knowing our voices have been heard – I will continue to wear my 2003 jumper to the one Sydney game a year with pride.  This is why I’m writing to you – in the hope that this conversation is held.  Years late, some might say, but better late than never.


Donald S.

Ex-member no. #######

Bring it back!

Dear my Beloved Lions,

It was appalling that us, the fans, were never consulted in the first place when the jumper was initially changed. I expressed my disgust then and I am expressing my disgust now. I have not bought a membership or brought any new apparel since the change because I find this new abomination of a jumper a slap in the face to us old Fitzroy supporters. It was a clear breech of the merger agreement and the stance of the current admin not to even consider changing it back rubs salt into wounds. I will always love this club, but if you want my money as well as my adoration, change the jumper back!

Danielle C

Not on the guernsey

29th May, 2013

To the Board of the Brisbane Lions 

I’ll be honest: I have come to quite like the so-called “paddlepop” lion face. While my first impression was one of horror that a change should even be suggested to a logo that had quickly become symbolic of pride and success, it wasn’t long before I recognised the steely glare in the caricature’s eyes, the suggestion of determination and strength. As a symbol of the resolve of the club, the lion head fits. It jumps out at me as the logo on television broadcasts, I like it as the icon on my web browser, and it looks great on club letterhead. No doubt it suits merchandising; an easily recognisable representation of our mighty club.

But it does not fit on the guernsey.

It’s a cartoon image. A drawing. No other club in the AFL has a cartoon on their guernsey. None would want to. Sure, the Crows and the Hawks have toyed with the idea on their pre-season garb, but these have been largely laughed off as a novelty money-grab. Why are we persisting with it? 

Please, use the discretionary powers that brought the “paddlepop” onto the guernsey in the first place to change it back. Better yet, open the design up to the Brisbane Lions’ loyal members. Give us two options: maintain the status quo, or revert to the 1997-2008 guernsey. I implore you to have a members vote at the end of this season in readiness for 2014.

Yours sincerely,

Dan, Nat, Molly, Lauren & Angus F

Member nos. #######, #######, #######, ####### & #######

It doesn't hurt to ask

"Dear board and admin of the Brisbane Lions Football Club,

Long time member, first time writer.

I am not terribly good at expressing myself in written form, so I'll make this brief.

I believe, absolutely, that we, the members of this football club deserve the chance to have our say, by way of a vote, on what style guernsey we would like to see our football team play in.

In my humble opinion, the newer design, the so-called ""paddlepop"", is not the way to go, going forward.

To me, the old ""Fitzroy"" lion was (is) the perfect emblem for our club jumper. It is representative of our most successful era; it's the symbol of the unity of two tribes of fans; it's respected by supporters of all clubs; and if it isn't universally loved by all Brisbane Lions supporters, it's near enough to.

On the other hand, I associate the ""paddlepop"" jumper with: an aloof and arrogant administration; a complete inappropriateness as an AFL uniform (I must admit, though, that it isn't ugly per se, and would make a great jumper for the under 10s); unpopularity with a larger-than-what-you'd-hope-for percentage of supporters; it's nothing more a cynical marketing exercise; Fevola.

When it was first introduced, we were told we'd grow to love it, or, at least, get used to it; with every success, a little more attachment to the PP would surely follow. I can assure you this is not the case, certainly as far as I'm concerned.

While consistent success has eluded in recent times, there's been enough, you'd think, to generate some sort of warmer feelings towards the PP: Finger's 250th; the Polk-barrel game; the ressies' premiership; and the NAB Cup to name a few. Great thrills each and every one of them... but that jumper is still to find its place in my heart.

So, anyway, like many, I have little time for the PP guernsey, but a whole lotta love for our traditional strip.

Please, give your members the opportunity to have their say.

Most sincerely,

Steve R

Gold member #######

To the Board of the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Football Club,

I am a former member of the Brisbane Lions based on the following reasons I will explain in my letter. I want to also explain why I am a supporter of the Brisbane Lions and my understanding of it’s history.  Ten years ago I become a Brisbane Lions supporter in Canberra of all places because I was in a group of AFL fans and I was the only one not to follow a team. So I decided to follow the Lions because they were the only team in Queensland and I support my home state. What drew me to the club over the years was the unique cultural history of the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions. I wasn’t just following one team, I was following two merged into one. The strongest aspect of a member of a club is their loyalty. Not blind loyalty because that can be abused by football clubs and in this case it has been.  I was lucky when I started following the Lions I was in the middle of seeing them winning three premierships in a row. Much like Jonathan Brown who started his career with glory and now has seen the years of hardship that a team must ensure to win another flag. My personal following was not ‘Getting on the bandwagon’, it was a simply logic of following a QLD team. If was one of them I would have left after 2005 and yet after ten years I’m still here.

Over the years I did more just watch the matches and support the team. I run a forum board over four years helping and dealing with issues that were out of my hands and defending the indefensible just to keep the supporters calm and sane.  Part of the reason I did that web site was the disconnection I felt living in Canberra and never feeling like part of the club because of the distance and the lack of matches I could attend. Loyalty and knowing the history of a club is very important to me.  The Fitzroy Lions have a rich history as I have learnt, read, listened, and watched over the decade I have been a supporter. I may have not shed a tear after the 2004 Grand Final but I did in the final round of the 2005 season when we lost by 140 points. It was a clear signal that a great period of our club’s time had ended and I might never see this again in my lifetime. With the rich history of Fitzroy we also saw thew Brisbane Bears who ensured many years of hardship – much worse than we have currently going through at the moment.

The decision by the board to change the guernsey changes the course of our history by turning it into a farce. The Fitzroy Lions guernsey tells you in a instant it’s long proud history, not just of our modern feats but of achievements spanning decades and generations of members and supporters who have watched this club over that time.  This new guernsey with this new logo design is nothing but a shadow of what historical value this old guernsey had . It shows no history of the club, no understand or care for it’s supporters, and a clear lack of democracy in what is supposed to be supporter run football club.

The old guernsey must return, it must be restored to it’s former glory outlined and demanded by the supporters of the Brisbane Lions. Our glory days on the field may have ended for now but it doesn’t mean we have to throw out the entire history of those moments. The decision in 2009 not only ripped away my web site helping to promote the Brisbane Lions but also the many hearts of Fitzroy supporters who watched their club’s demise and took the hardest decision ever can be made in the world of sport to follow another club.  For these reasons stated is the main reason I’m not a paid member. Blind loyalty only breeds bad administrations and people who lack the vision of combining a football club’s rich history with a solid platform for future success. This is not how you treat the supporters of a club who have stuck by it through a merger and years of bad decision making on the club’s part.

I highly consider to make the change and revert back to the old Fitzroy logo guernsey. The supporters demand it and even supporters of other AFL club majority prefer the Fitzroy look better than the marketing logo that has no history that we currently wear on the field. I know that the voices of the supporters will only become louder if this is not met.

Consider the change and than make the change. Our history and our future depends on it.

Chris T


Letter from a loyal Lions fan


As a passionate supporter of the Lions I would like to express my current state of dissatisfaction with our current jersey i.e. the Paddlepop logo. As a keen observer of social media along with having many Lions supporter mates, I have clearly noticed how many supporters share my views that we should revert to the traditional Fitzroy lion on the front of the jersey. 

I would ask that the club allows a vote on this at the next AGM, it makes sense that the extent of the fans' disillusionment is listened to as the fans make the club and the old lion respects not only the recent history of the jersey the 01-03 premierships were won under but also the Fitzroy history of the merged club. Plus it looks way better than the Paddlepop that looks like the head and body have been drawn separately and joined together and also obviously bears a close resemblance to the Paddlepop lion which strikes neither fear in the heart of the opposition nor the urge to purchase anything with this focus group monstrosity on it. 

Thanks very much for listening and I strongly urge to club to listen to the extent of the fans' feelings over this or risk alienating more fans than they already have. 

Yours Sincerely

Ed M.

Bring it back

Mr Malcolm Holmes, Mr Angus Johnson and the board of the Brisbane Bears Fitzroy Football Club,

My name is Liam Auliciems and I have been a supporter of the Brisbane Lions all of my life. I have supported the Lions through the good and the bad, through the golden era and the rebuilding years. I love Australian Rules football and I love the Brisbane Lions, but at the moment I'm completely embarrassed by our teams theme and jersey. 

The ""paddle pop"" Lion is a complete discrace to this mighty franchise. The vast majority of members and supporters all agree that this ""modern look"" was a change that no one welcomed and that our opinions were not taken into account when it was being discussed. 

I understand that The Brisbane Lions are looking towards the future and that they were trying to make a change, but every change that is being made unfortunately is missing the mark.   

It all started when the traditional mascot was dumped for ""Bernie ""Gabba"" Veges"", arguably one of the most embarrassing and weak mascots in all of sports. Then the traditional Fitzroy logo was dumped, and eventually the jersey. Today, I struggle to see anything from the Fitzroy Football Club reflected in our image. 

I respect and understand that we can't have the same image forever, but the old strip was by far one of the strongest in the entire league. With one of the best colour combinations of all the clubs, the Lions aren't taking advantage of it in 2013. The old logo looked tough, intimidating and strong, whereas this new modern, ""kiddy"" mascot and jersey make us look weak.

Every time the players wear these old fashioned jerseys as well, we play like champions. With our recent celebration of the three peat premiership commemorative jersey, we beat one of the best teams in the competition in Essendon. When we wore our old Fitzroy strip last year, we won as well. The players can find strength if they can find some pride in what they wear. How can the team dominate the competition if our heritage is completely ignored?

Please listen to the fans, 

Liam Auliciems

Save our jumper

I was a young kid before the lions won their hat trick of premierships. Before this time, I grew up playing soccer and followed Rugby League. AFL was basically non-existent in my world at this time as I was born and bred in Brisbane. The lions premiership years introduced me to AFL -  and I have never looked back. I fell in love with AFL and fell even more in love with the Brisbane lions. 

I wore the old Brisbane lions jersey everywhere - to training, the the gym, at uni - everywhere. I was so proud showing it off to everyone. I was bitterly disappointed when the fans and supportes weren't consulted in regards to changing the jersey. Since the decision to change the jersey to the ""paddle pop"" lion, I have not  felt the same kind of connection as I once did with the club. I am embarrassed to call this our jersey, and I have not bought a single piece of merchandise since the change.

Please take into consideration all the comments left on this page and the countless other comments left on the official Brisbane Lions Facebook page. Myself and many other people out there will be much more inclined to purchase membership if we have a jersey proud to call our own.

Keelan Richardson

Another Victorian Member Lost....

"As a proud Fitzroy/Brisbane supporter & member over the past 15 years, I'm sad to say that the club lost my membership (plus by father, brother, and sister) this year as the club appears to be moving in the completely wrong direction.  

Sure, the on field stuff at the moment isn't perfect, and sure, our playing list may have some issues, we a members can generally look past these factors and find some positives.  One thing I (and my family) can no longer ignore, is the clubs blatant disrespect for its Victorian based (old Fitzroy) members.  Not only have we had to watch the number of Melbourne games deteriorate (without so much as a whimper from our current administration), we've seen the complete demise of our Victorian based social club, and now the one thing that members are most passionate about, OUR JUMPER!!!  (ever wonder why Victorian memberships are on the decline?).

I understand there are marketing opportunities, and revenue to be generated when releasing a new guernsey (if I hear Vossy say it’s a ‘new beginning’ again I’m going to scream), but surely this shouldn’t outweigh what the members value, and the history (remember those 3 premierships?) that is being lost.  Look at the great clubs (Geelong, Hawthorn, Essendon, Collingwood etc.), their home strips don’t change, even the other interstate clubs have gone back to original, simplified designs, some of those clubs actually listened to their members, and let them vote on the design…. crazy concept??  I think not!!

I can live with the poor performance (just), I can live with the reduced number of Melbourne games, but my family and I won’t be renewing our memberships until the current administration take their collective heads out of the sand, do their job, and restore the original lion onto our once proud jumper.

For the sake of this once great club, I urge the administration to take this matter seriously, take some action, and restore the pride!  

Craig M

Member no #######

The Identity of the Brisbane Lions

"On the birth of the Brisbane Lions in 1997, I became a supporter of the Brisbane Lions. Prior to that I was a supporter of the Fitzroy Football Club and was excited about the possibilities of what our merged club could achieve.

Over the 15 plus years, I have been along for the ride as we rode from the struggles of 1998, the ecstasy of the Premiership years and all the other highs and lows.  As a result of this, when I talk about the Brisbane Lions I say ""we"" and ""us"".  I truly feel that as a supporter of this great club, I am privileged to have that ability.

Unfortunately, in 2009, the then administration of the Brisbane Lions changed a fundamental part of our club, without consultation with its supporters and members.  Our jumper, the prime physical embodiment of our combined clubs past and identity, which our players wear into battle each week, was ripped from us without the fans even having a say.  

To add insult to injury, not only was our jumper replaced without our involvement, but it was replaced by a jumper that is the prime example of what is wrong with recent design trends in sporting apparel.  Simplicity and history were replaced with cartoons and modern elements; beauty replaced by garishness.

It is difficult to feel a connection to my club when the fans who support the club through the good times and the bad are treated with such contempt.  The passion just slowly declines. I will continue to be a supporter of the Brisbane Lions until the day I die.  However, I am no longer a member and I fear that if this attitude of the Brisbane Lions administration continues I soon will no longer be saying ""we"" or ""us"".

I wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of The Lion's Roar.  There are numerous challenges ahead for the Brisbane Lions and the club must be united for us to succeed. For the unity of our great club, we need to consult the supporters of the club on the jumper and other key aspects of the club's identity.  Only when all parts of the club from the supporters to the players to the Chairman feel a sense of ownership in the club can we be united and succeed when facing the challenges of the future.

Simon C

We stand taller in the premiership jumper!

To the Board,

First off I should say that I have been a Fitzroy supporter and member for as long as I've been alive. I have also been a member with the Brisbane Lions since inception in 1997.

I was fortunate enough to see the Lions win each of the three Premierships from 2001 to 2003 and fall at the last hurdle in 2004. To see us beat Essendon at Etihad Stadium in round 8 this year brought back memories of that first Premiership against Essendon. Moreover, it brought back memories of the way in which our previous jumper tormented and intimidated the opposition week in week out.

The jumper carries with it a certain history and pride which was enhanced and strengthened by the golden era which we enjoyed at the turn of the century. I have no doubt that our players stood taller and stronger when they adorned our famous jeresey two weeks ago at Etihad stadium. What a coincidence that we had one of our finest wins in the last 10 years whilst wearing that jumper! Say what you will about 'moving on' and 'letting go' of the past but you don't see Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond or Essendon changing their strip do you???? Of course not! They value tradition and history, as we must. It goes a long way to developing respect and at the moment, wearing the 'paddle pop lion' jumper, we demand none!

Why on earth the Board decided to get rid of our Premiership jumper i'll never understand! The new jumper simply looks ridiculous and carries no aura whatsoever.Notwithstanding the lack of consultation at the time, the decision in itself is absolutely mind-blowing. It's amazing how the decisions of the few can affect the many. 

We as a club should demand that our Premiership jumper be reinstated at the commencement of the 2014 season.

Here's joping common sense prevails!!!!

Go Lions

Peter M

Member no. #######

Mufasa died for a reason...

When our Guernsey changed, I was so upset. 

I wrote a little email to my lions. Didn't seem to make much of a difference. That public urinater I reference is gone though. Phew


From: Amelia 13/11/2009 4:36 pm 

About: We Need To Talk


Dear my beloved Brisbane Lions,

At the tender age of 11 you stole my heart. Right away I knew it was love. All the excitement, the tears, the wins and losses - I have been there with you every single time. 

I didn’t mind that I always had to pay for our Saturday night dates and for half the year you weren’t around, I was in too deep, blind with love.

It's not you, it's me. Actually no, it is you. 

You have changed so much from the you I fell in love with. 

It was hard for me to accept you pursuing another, I know you've gone through your fair share of people on the side, but the latest acquirement of a booze hound and public urinater, it had started to take its toll. But once again the rose coloured glasses of love prevailed and I stood by you, stood up for you when people said it was wrong and protected you. Now that I look back I can see that you don’t care so much about those who are there for you and support you. You abandoned some of your finest allies, who were ready to be there with you until the end. I don’t know if I can maintain a relationship with somebody who can drop somebody who they are meant to be one with like that, it's not just, right or fair.

The final straw was pulled today, with your new look and attire. You used to always be so well dressed, always looking sharp. Now, you look like Simba's dead father Mufasa who got an 80's make over. Why don’t you perm your hair, get a fake tan and some new claw nails while you're at it? It would probably suit you. I much preferred the old you, the attractive you.

I think we need to break up, I don’t love you anymore. There I said it.

I hope that you get your game on and try to win my love back otherwise I think I might start seeing someone new, someone younger, someone by the sea..

Love always (but always might actually be over soon),

Amelia C

Member no. #######

Admiting a mistake takes guts but earns respect

Dear Brisbane Lions,

I am an ex-member of the club.  I stopped renewing my membership in 2010.  

The paddle-pop lion has been a complete and abject failure.  It has demonstrated a total disconnect between club administration and members.  

The numbers do not lie.  Consider the 3 years pre-2010 and 3 years post-2010 (2010 was a transition year - the year the 'paddlepop' lion was introduced and the club susequently ignored correspondence from supporters and members with many becoming progressively dissilusioned as the year progressed.  

Average members 2007 - 2009 = 24,158

Average members 2011 - 2013 = 21,200

Average crowd 2007 - 2009 = 28,716

Average crowd 2011 - 2013 = 20,443

That is a drop of 3000 members and an average crowd drop of 8,275.  I want to stress that the years I've used specifically excludes the premiership window years as I recognise that member and crowd numbers are inflated during period of sustained success.   

I do not have to supply numbers on the losses the club has been recording since the 'paddlepop' lion was introduced or our dismal ladder placings.  You know what those numbers are.  The key point I want to emphasise is that membership and crowd figures CLEARLY demonstrate dissatisfaction with the club.  This should not be ignored. 

There is so much pride in the Fitzroy lion.  It was not so many years ago we played in 4 consecutive grand finals in the jumper.  Even in the subsequent rebuild period we could still strike fear into the opposition and won a number of games in which we were not the favourite.  This trend has continued to this day with the recent win over Essendon at ridiculously long odds.  The 'paddlepop' lion on the otherhand has only been associated with failure.  Time to let it go.  

Regards Luke S

Member, pre 2010

We Want To Be Heard

To The Brisbane Lions Administration,

My father was a Foundation Supporter for the Brisbane Bears. It was him that got me into Aussie Rules as a boy and the Bears as a club to support growing up in Brisbane. I took to Aussie Rules at a young age and became in love with the game, its passion, heritage and pride.  I have continued to love the game to this very day because of those same reasons. However I believe the Lions have lost a little of the heritage that I and a lot of Lions supporters have loved.

When the Bears and Lions merged in 1996, I, like a lot of supporters continued to support the club on this merger and welcomed the new fan base as well. We used the colours of the Bears and the logo of the Lions, yet in 2010 the administration thought it would be a good idea to change one of those things. The Board members involved did so without a member’s vote or opinion on the matter and that is what a lot of us are asking for. We are asking to be heard, considered and most of all recognised. 

Put this decision to a vote and see what happens. If the majority of the members want to continue with the Paddlepop then so be it. This new administration has a chance to right a wrong and unite this beautiful club that I love.


Sean M.

Member no. #######

Malcolm, Please Heed the Call

"Dear Malcolm,

You may have recently become aware of a group called ‘The Lions Roar’ which is pushing for a return to the classic, premiership-winning lion logo on the guernsey. I am writing as a premium adult gold member to urge you to listen to their message and change the guernsey back from the paddlepop design to the lion which we all got behind a decade ago.

My reasons for wanting this change have been set out in detail in a few previous emails (which I sincerely hope have already been read and taken on board) but can be distilled to a few points.

Firstly, the paddlepop guernsey is (to me) highly unaesthetic and from my own investigations, highly unpopular. In terms of design, its cartoonish nature flies in the face of the very sensible trend of many clubs to move towards a classic strip. I find it a little embarrassing that Freo and Port now look so much more serious than us on-field.

Secondly, the paddlepop represents the darkest time in our club’s merged history. A time characterized by excess, poor decision making, alienation from our Fitzroy history and a lack of consultation. While I am confident many wrongs have been righted by this administration, the guernsey remains a divisive force and a very sore point for many members, including all members personally known to me.

Finally, the traditional lion is a good design loved by many and invested with feelings of pride. Have you noticed how well the players perform in a guernsey with links to our tradition? 

I have two older guernseys and a myriad of other supporter gear, but refuse to purchase paddlepop products. My son is now two and I would dearly love him to own his own guernsey. I have no issue with the front-on lion being used as a logo or a marketing tool but I would dearly love to have our proper strip back and would follow up immediately with purchases for my son and daughter. 

Conversely, having already given the club plenty of time for progress on this issue, I have advised those at The Lions Roar that my proxy vote is available for them to use should we have no indication of a guernsey change by the time of the AGM.

Thank you for reading and keeping an open mind. It is never easy to concede that one may be out of touch and I appreciate that a good deal of courage is required when it is time to back down, but for what it is worth, I consider this to be an important issue.

I look forward to the time when I can feel that we are unified on the proper path back to success as a club and will be at every home game in full voice in the meantime.

Yours sincerely,

Nick S

Member no. #######

I want to make my voice heard

May 27, 2013

Malcolm Holmes


Brisbane Bears-Fitzroy Football Club Ltd

Dear Malcolm,

I am a Melbourne-based member who rarely misses a game (member number xxxxxxx)

I am very pleased with the direction of our team, and encouraged by the form and endeavour of our young squad. I want to make my voice heard on two issues here:

Please bring back the old jumper (or hold a members’ vote) as soon as is financially viable to do so.  There is nothing wrong with admitting to a mistake. 

Please do something about the lack of games in Melbourne. It’s heartbreaking to think that it’s only May and there is only one more game in Melbourne for 2013.

Sincerely yours,

Liam R

Member no. #######

Loyal Lion

I am a 61 year old member and have been a supporter/member of the Lions since 1960. As a Fitzroy member l always loved our proud and ancient Lion, and was very happy to see this Lion on the new Brisbane Lions jumper in 1997.

We must create our own history and tradition!! Old AFL clubs like collingwood, essendon, richmond, melbourne and geelong have tradition. The Brisbane Lions with our original jumper had tradition. The tradition of the original Lion, not some lollypop, ridiculous and bad taste lion.

Please bring back the original jumper - listen to your members, or you won't have any.

Dennis C

member no. #######