More Lions Upheaval?

In case you missed it, there have been a number of press reports in recent days flagging changes at the Brisbane Lions. This has included speculation around the future of the Springfield project, the likelihood of direct AFL intervention and possible changes in the leadership at the club.

This article from the Courier Mail this morning suggests that the AFL intends to have greater input into the future direction of our club, including potentially playing a significant role in appointing new administrators.

While it is frustrating and sad that our once great club has reached this new low, we hope that this will prove to be a new dawn for our beloved Lions.

As you know, late last year the club's Board descended into public infighting. Lions members realised a drastic change was in order and an EGM was called for them to have their say. The AFL chose to intercede and mediated a compromised result.

We sincerely hope the AFL have now realised that half measures and compromised solutions are not sufficient to get our club back on track.

Yet we are cautious.

It is our view that direct AFL intervention is a double edged sword. While we welcome the AFL providing the necessary resources and advice to get our club back on its feet, we are concerned that members will once again be ignored. Through this rebuilding process, we call on the AFL and the leaders of the Brisbane Lions to ensure that members and supporters are engaged and their concerns genuinely addressed.

Our club is in trouble. We call on all parties to commit to a clear and decisive course of action which will fundamentally rebuild the Brisbane Lions and not just apply short term, politically palatable, band aid solutions to the many problems we face.