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Farewell Voss

Like most Lions’ supporters, the team at The Lions Roar is shocked by the Brisbane Lions’ sudden decision to sack coach Michael Voss.

On behalf of all members and supporters, TLR would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Michael for his years of service as the coach of this great club. We thank him and his family for the sacrifices they have made to put the Brisbane Lions on track for a return to premiership glory.

The Lions Roar has consistently demanded that the club’s Board and Administration be more transparent and honest with supporters. 

This is a monumental decision for our club and the members deserve to know why Voss did not have his contract renewed. In the following days we look forward to a proper and complete explanation of the club’s decision and the timing they chose.

We think Gerard Whateley summed up the feelings of many Lions supporters this evening.

 “It is shoddy treatment from the Lions. And this is the one thing they couldn’t do with the most loved figure in the history of that club; the most revered. They are perfectly entitled to make the decision that they have if they don’t believe that he’s the man to go forward. But this is just shoddy in the way it has been executed. As soon as those players go into that meeting and are told…that becomes public immediately afterwards. The lions didn’t pick up their phones for the next two and a half hours. They were sluggish with a two line statement, and that’s as much as they’ve got. Frankly, people, Michael Voss primarily, but the people involved in the Brisbane lions deserve better than what they’ve been given today.”


Join our call – Our Jumper, Our Vote

We believe that the members and supporters are the most
important part of a football club.

We believe that the jumper is a critical part of who we
are as a club.

And we believe that the previous administration of the
Brisbane Lions disrespected all of us when they changed the club’s jumper
without truly consulting with us first.

This is why we are calling on Angus Johnson, Malcolm
Holmes and the current administration of the club to give us our say. This is
our club and the jumper belongs to us. In 2009, we were denied a voice. It is
time to right that wrong.

Register with us. 
Write to the club.  Tell your

Brisbane Lions
PO Box 1535
Coorparoo DC QLD 4151

Register below to unite our voices:


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