Brisbane Lions EGM FAQ


Why does my EGM request refer to voting out Directors?

The official lodgement of collected EGM requests will be performed by the Williams/Power/Matthews ticket in their capacity as the challenging candidates. The challenging candidates must specify the motions they seek to be put to a vote – this is why the requests refer to existing Directors.

The Lion’s Roar wish to stress that our group is not committed to these resolutions – we do, however, seek that they be voted upon in the interests of stability and progressing the current stand off.  Equally, we wish to stress that your signing and returning the EGM request is not an endorsement of any particular candidate or ticket. Your submission simply comprises a request to provide members with the opportunity to vote at an EGM.


I thought the Lion’s Roar was supposed to represent all members?

We are trying to.  

We want the board to be unified.

Unfortunately, we currently have two groups of board members, one who is pushing for particular resolutions (the challenging ticket) and the other who has previously said this can wait until December.

The EGM forms must state the motions sought to be voted on by the challenging party.  

We see ourselves as simply pushing for a member’s vote as to them, so as to break the deadlock – nothing more.

These resolutions would be tabled at the AGM in December regardless. All the EGM request form seeks to do is bring forward the vote on these resolutions to provide stable leadership sooner rather than later.


Where do I find my member number?

It is listed as the ‘account number’ on the back of your membership card.


Where should I send my completed EGM Requisition form?

Return your completed form(s) to:

Lions EGM

P.O. Box 3819

Victoria Point West

QLD 4165


That is the nominated address of the challengers’ ticket so that all EGM requests can be compiled and lodged with the club at the same time.


Can I email my form to the club? 

No.  Neither the Club’s constitution, nor the Corporations Act, permit this. If you send it to the club you risk having it ignored.


I don’t want to vote out the existing directors – why don’t I just do nothing?

You can if you wish.  The Lion’s Roar are seeking members to submit their form in the name of ensuring a united Board, via a members vote which will, one way or another, resolve the dispute.


Why the urgency? Can’t this wait until the AGM in December?

It could, but in the meantime there are the issues of coach selection, uncontracted players to sign, the trade & free agency period and the National, Rookie and Pre-Season Drafts, all of which would ideally be done with a unified board, hence our supporting an early resolution.


Do I have to contribute towards the cost of an EGM?

No.  The challenging ticket has advised The Lion’s Roar that they will meet the costs.  The cost to you is simply the printing and posting (of the EGM request form).  


Does the EGM cost the club money?

As per the Constitution, the Club will be reimbursed its costs from the challenging ticket.


I’ve filled in my form and returned it – do I have to physically attend an EGM?

The process is that, assuming the numbers are sufficient, an EGM is called and a time and place for the EGM is scheduled.  Before that meeting, all members will be given notice of the relevant time and place and the resolutions to be voted on together with proxy forms, in case they cannot attend personally.


Why hasn’t the Chairman or the non-challenging Board members had a say in your e-mail?

 The Lion’s Roar invited both the challenging ticket, and the Chairman, to say a few words, so that our e-mail could be kept as neutral as possible.  The offer to the Chairman has been made on multiple occasions and remains open, should the Chairman wish to provide a statement.


I’ve signed my EGM request and returned it – how else can I help?

For now, spread the word.  The Lion’s Roar want members of the club to have their say.  


When I click on a link for the EGM request, nothing happens – why?

The forms are in a downloadable PDF document.  You need Adobe reader or Acrobat to open the document.  

You can download Adobe reader here:


Is this related to the jumper campaign?

No. The Lion’s Roar is keeping the push for a vote entirely separate to our previous (and ongoing) campaign regarding members being consulted about the current playing strip.  The registration details collected in respect of an EGM were started from scratch on the day that the Board spill occurred. We know all supporters concerned about the jumper won’t necessarily want to get involved in calling for an EGM and vice-versa.


Where do I send my completed EGM requisition form to?

P.O. Box 3819

Victoria Point West

QLD 4165



If I buy membership now, can I vote in the EGM (assuming it happens) and/or the AGM?

The club is saying yes, if purchased before the 30th of August.

Which memberships have voting rights?

Prime (with September Member addon)
Standard reserve (with September member add on) 
Victorian Plus
Traditional Victorian
Gold Class

Note: Standard has a September Member addon available to provide voting rights. If you purchased this as an add-on, you do have vote rights. 

*You have to be 18 or over to vote.

Which season admission memberships do not have voting rights?

Standard and Season General Admission do not, and do not appear to have the September Member addon available to provide voting rights. The basic Prime package does not.

Which is the cheapest?

Victorian Traditional, at $135.

Do AFL memberships with Brisbane as the club get voting rights?

Probably not. According to the AFL’s website, there’s no mention of voting rights

– Access* to all home matches of your club of support** (regardless of venue)

How can I call for an EGM?

The easiest way would be to register at They will email you a form with a return address for group submission. This is being done at the request of the Leigh Matthews-affiliated ticket.

When will the EGM be?

The Club has 21 days after receiving the requisition notices to then call an EGM. At least 21 days notice of the date and agenda for the EGM must then be given to members.


Use our contact us page to ask us any questions not covered in the FAQ.