Three steps to call for an Emergency General Meeting

1  Download this form
2  Fill out your name and member number, date and sign (bottom of page 2).
3  Mail the form to:

Lions EGM
PO Box 3819
Victoria Point West
Qld 4165

Check our FAQ if you are unsure if your membership gives you voting rights

Lions Board Crisis: Time to Play Your Part

It had been hoped over the past few days that the current division within the Board of the Brisbane Lions would be resolved without the need to pursue an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Football Club. Disappointingly, our communications with both parties leave us with little hope of a resolution in the near future.

As such the Williams/Power/Matthews ticket has decided to immediately progress with plans to formally pursue an EGM to allow members to exercise their voting rights and end the deadlock.

Their reasoning for doing so can be found here.

We at The Lion’s Roar are not advocating support for either ticket in this dispute but, in the absence of an amicable resolution, we believe calling for an EGM is now the most practical solution for ending the division.

In order for this to occur, your formally signed and submitted request is now required.

Please note that this form does not constitute a vote for a particular candidate. It is simply a request to fast track proceedings for members to vote for or against the Williams/Power ticket and restore board stability as soon as possible. For more information on this, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are convinced, like we are, that calling for an EGM is the way forward we implore you to:

  1. Read our FAQ to ensure you’re fully informed
  2. Understand how to fill out the required Requisition form by reading these instructions
  3. Download, print and complete the Requisition form from here and post it to:

P.O. Box 3819

Victoria Point West

QLD 4165

We must stress that every Requisition form submitted is vital to the success of this process and urge every voting member to exercise their rights at what is a crucial and historical moment for the Brisbane Lions.

Please also continue to spread the word to friends and family to get involved in shaping the future of this great club.

Thank you.

Adam, James, Michael, Andrew, Nathan, Craig & the rest of The Lion’s Roar crew


Brisbane Lions Extraordinary General Meeting

Expression of Interest

To use your members voice to push for an Extraordinary
General Meeting of the Brisbane Lions Football Club please complete the form
below.  [more information

In a few days we will send you a letter to sign and return formally asking for an EGM.  

*We will keep your information private and not share your name, address or any of your details with anyone else.


Williams, Power & Matthews led ticket demands immediate EGM to resolve Lions board crisis.

Our club is at a crossroads.

At the Brisbane Lions board meeting this morning, Brisbane Lions directors Paul Williams and Mick Power gave notification of their intention to run a ticket, which includes former Brisbane Lions coach Leigh Matthews, against the current board.

Current Chairman Angus Johnson conceded this afternoon that the situation the board now finds itself in will leave the club “destabilised” until the matter is sorted at the club’s Annual General Meeting, currently scheduled for December.

Irrespective of individual views on the performance of the current board or the merits of particular tickets, the current instability and uncertainty at board level CAN NOT be allowed to fester until December. In that period, the club will be required to embark upon another important off-season list-management and player recruitment period, as well as undertaking the most crucial and significant staffing decision in at least half a decade in appointing a new senior coach.

The decisions made in this period will have significant consequences for the success or failure of the Brisbane Lions Football Club in the decade ahead, and can not be left in the hands of a board fractured by issues of no-confidence and unresolvable differences of opinion on the future direction of the club.

How you can exercise your rights.

The club’s constitution provides a mechanism for members with voting rights to seek a speedier resolution to this crisis in the form of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). If a request for such a meeting is lodged with the written support of 5% of all members with voting rights, the club must process the request within 21 days and then set a date for the EGM within 2 months.

It is important to note that pledging your vote to call for an EGM does not constitute a vote or endorsement for either the current board or any opposing ticket. Voting for particular directors or tickets would occur as a separate process at the EGM.

While we do not intend to endorse any particular candidate at this time, The Lions Roar has agreed, at the request of the Williams/Power/Matthews ticket, to act as a central facilitation point for members who wish to vote for an Extraordinary General Meeting.

For the new ticket, or against it, the first step to getting the matter out of the way before December is for members to pledge their support for the holding of an EGM to vote on the newly proposed ticket.

Members who pledge their support in the above form will be emailed a document in the coming days with which they can officially lodge their call for an immediate Extraordinary General Meeting.

9:35PM 21/08/2013