To Malcolm Holmes & Angus Johnson

To see the team in the true Lion on Saturday was awesome, and they played like a true Lions team. You have stated that the jumper issue is a minor one, but it is not –

we are losing memberships because of this issue

we are losing merchandise revenue because of this issue as there are many like me who will not buy anything with this cartoon symbol on it – but will commit to purchases when our true symbol returns

we are losing games because of this issue. Could you not see the pride & intent of our team on Saturday – rather than being clad in the paddlepop symbol of surrender from the dark years.

This issue will not go away. Have you held a secret ballot of the playing group? Ask them which symbol they would go into battle for.

At the very least, have a vote by our members, and if the current jumper is the preferred, then I and many like me will respect the will of the majority.

Is your reluctance to canvas the preferences of the members – your employers – or players due to being uneasy about how such a vote will turn out?

Give us our say.

Yours sincerely

A Waller Gold Member no. xxxxxxx

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