Get rid of the paddlepop lion Guernsey please..

“This was originally sent on 26th September 2011, while there were rumours Kooga would change the guersey.


I’m a silver member and I just wanted to put my two cents in about the guernsey.

I’ve heard that there will be changes to the 2012 guernsey. But that the paddlepop lion will still be on the front.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I’ve been really impressed with the clubs administration this year. The re-engagement with the Fitzroy fan base and the greatly improve consultation and involvement of the members has been noticed and appreciated.

The matter of the re-design of the guernsey by the previous board though is still a big issue that hasn’t been resolved.

Part of the new boards mandate is hinged on consulting with the members. As a member, the first I hear of a guernsey redesign shouldn’t be in the paper. It should be from the club asking for my opinion on the guernsey, if it needs changing (it does) and how it should be changed (get rid of the paddlepop lion).

I’m not buying my kids or myself any merchandise with that lion on it. I was hoping that the club would’ve lost the legal battle and been forced to return to the proper logo. Seeing as that didn’t happen I’m relying on the club now to do the right thing.

I wear my 2001 guernsey to games, and my son just wears a blue and maroon jumper. I would love to buy my kids guernsey’s but it’s just not going to happen with the paddlepop lion on there. I can’t take the guernsey seriously.

Please don’t repeat the mistakes of the past by changing the guernsey without proper consultation. If you are going to make changes use it as an opportunity to bring back a victorious Lion, a powerful reminder of how good a team we were, and can be again.

I ask that you forward this email to the CEO and the Chairman please. Even if they don’t take the time to read it, I’d like the subject to pop up in their Inbox. Thanks.

J Raven,  

Member no. #######

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