It’s time for Brisbane Lions Members to have their say!

I am writing today as it seems the multiple emails I have sent over the years, to both the Club & individual officials, have been falling on deaf ears.

Four years ago the Brisbane Lions Board made the worst, most divisive, decision in our proud clubs post merger history. They, inexplicably, decided to change the playing guernsey worn by our team and, even more brazenly, did so without consulting their own constituents, the clubs members.

Looking back to that time, even before the official decision was made, the club was sent petitions, email & letters imploring them to not proceed. Stubbornly the Board continued down their chosen path without heeding their members & supporters. This decision created angst & division amongst supporters of the club with some even walking away from the club in disgust.

A new administration brought us all a fresh sense of hope that this divisive issue would at last be addressed and rectified. The new Board signing the club up to a Members Charter which specifically references consulting members on decisions to do with the guernsey helped strengthen that sense of hope. However this Board then decided to EXTEND the contract behind the current guernsey thereby denying us, the members, yet another chance to have our say.

It is time for the Brisbane Lions as a member owned organisation to stop playing lip service to listening to their supporters. It is time for the Brisbane Lions Board to adhere to the SPIRIT of the Members Charter. It is time for Brisbane Lions Members to be allowed to have their say!

Please give us that chance!


M Jorgensen.

Member no. xxxxxxx

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