It hasn’t felt like my club since 2009

“I’ve loved the Brisbane Lions since I was a young kid playing Auskick in the late 90’s. AFL was still very new up here and despite having no connection to it in my family (all QLD/NSW based with no AFL heritage), we jumped on board as the local club was running Auskick and we thought we’d give it a go.

I remember watching the boys win the three premierships when I was still relatively young. My mind at the time couldn’t really comprehend the idea of the Lions losing. We were fierce, strong, and always in every battle in that guernsey.

There was some mixed success in the years that followed but I still felt so strongly about the side and my guernsey signed by the whole 2006 playing list.

Then some corporate person with no understanding of our club, our guernsey, or our heritage designed what he thought looked good and it became the new guernsey.

Ever since, the side that has run out on the weekends has seemed a shadow of the side I fell deeply in love with. And to hear that people who run the club don’t believe this is a serious issue makes me even sadder. They can’t say it’s something fans don’t feel strongly about because I feel so strongly about it and despite still going to games and supporting the boys every weekend, I haven’t felt like it was my club since 2009. I even bought a Suns three game membership this year with friends because I was so disenchanted with the guernsey.

Please make it a team I can proudly support again, and one that I feel intrinsically linked with. So many people care about this and it’s the one thing stopping us moving forward. Please, please, PLEASE listen to me and to everyone on this issue. It’s time we finally corrected the mistake and got the last piece of the puzzle in place for us to be a super team in every way once again. 

Damien F member No #######

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  • Lou

    27.05.2013 at 10:40

    I was a member for many years will not be on again until the jumper comes back

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