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Dear Sir,

As a member and a sponsor of two players for a number of years I have been over the moon with the way the club has conducted itself and the initiatives it has brought on in the last two years.

Angus, you and the entire staff have done an outstanding job in laying the foundations for our club to climb back out of the hole that we found ourselves in.

Michael Voss, the football department, and the players delivered us a season last year that we can be very proud of. They have also given us the belief that we can once again return to finals football in the next few years.

There is just so much to be excited about supporting the Lions.

Whilst my love for the club precludes me from ever threatening to reduce my financial support, the same love forces me to address situations that are not only financially questionable, but also divisive in nature.

The current Lions Guernsey is both of these things.

Although I cannot back my opinion with hard facts, it is my belief garnered from talking to hundreds of members and supporters that merchandise sales would dramatically increase with a return to our traditional Lion. The vast majority of these people have not purchased anything that relates to our current design.

Membership has been disappointing, and while I do not blame this entirely on the new design I do believe that it has impacted it heavily. We have what are these days a largely untapped supporter base in Melbourne and I applaud the club for its attempts to re-engage them. The bitterness that divided us nationally can be overcome, and it needs to start with the return of the Lion, the same Lion that has such a rich and proud heritage in Victoria, and the same Lion that our club went into four Grand Finals with earlier this century.

Now is the time for action, foundations are laid, let’s build something special. If the board engages its members and supporters with the same passion, belief and understanding that we have for our club, then we as a club can achieve anything. 

Let’s answer to the call, and start with our Guernsey, and let’s start today.

Go Lions.

Mark N. 

Silver Member no. #######

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