This cannot go on.

To the administration,

How much longer can the board show ignorance to its members? It is disgusting that the jumper issue hasn’t even be acknowledged by the club. The paddlepop looked bloody awful against Carlton. There has been nothing but positive feedback from members, media and even some of the players on how good the old jumper is, yet the club remains weak and silent. It is so very frustrating watching the team I have been a member of since merger slowly become irrelevant with the worst looking jumper in the competition and one of the weakest administrations. 

My family and I have been AFL members with club support since the early 90’s with Fitzroy. Myself being young found it easy to support Brisbane but my father a while to come on board as his team had been taken from him. He took out a North Melbourne AFL membership for few years but after the 99 Grand Final he felt nothing towards this team. He still watched Brisbane and seeing that Lion begin to become successful switched him in 2000. He would never have identified with the abomination that we have now.

As it stands the Lions are not successful. We have stuck by the club for many years of mediocrity and are happy to do so for many more to come. However, the club would gain more money from us if they switched the Lion back. Money that you so desperately in this time of excessive football department spending. We have not purchased merchandise since 2009 (bar the heritage jumpers) and will not until something is done.

As AFL members we have certain rights in regards to AFL Grand Final tickets and with only 4 games in Melbourne, it has crossed our minds to switch our support package to a successful team in order to gain access to Grand Final tickets. We will still be able to attend all the games we wish to in Melbourne to follow the Lions but the club will not gain a cent out of us. We want to keep giving Brisbane our money but not while the administration continues to be so ignorant of what the fans want. 

It is your call. A lack of response to this email or public response from the club in regards to the elephant in the room will seal our fates as members until something is done. 


Andrew, Joe & Caitlin

AFL members

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