A passionate loyal Lions supporter

Dear Brisbane Lions Administration

As a passionate loyal Lions Supporter and have been for all my 20 years. I would like to express my opinion on the clubs guernsey.

I know you would have gotten many letters about this before and if you have isn’t that telling you something? 

I’m going to be honest here our new guernsey’s that we have had the last couple of years actually make us out to look like a big joke, it is not intimidating at all, it is a cartoon, what grown men take cartoon’s seriously? 

I refuse to buy any of the merchandise that has this “paddle pop lion” on it and until the guernsey changes I will not buy any other merchandise.

I make a point that as members shouldn’t we have a say in some important things, like if the guernsey should change or not?

The old guernsey like what we wore back in the 2000’s has a lot more meaning to it, it was not only Fitzroy’s logo but the guernsey we wore to not one premiership but 3 premiership’s. 

In case people have forgotten Fitzroy Lions merged with the Brisbane Bears in 1996, as a child I always thought it was fair that we had the lion logo of Fitzroy and the colours of the Bears, as I’ve grown up I’ve noticed things have changed in that area and we have now started using this cartoon like lion logo called the paddle pop lion, where is the fairness in that to the Fitzroy football club?

A lot of Fitzroy supporters that have followed to Brisbane were very upset and angry that the logo had been changed.

If I’m not mistaken this was in a signed agreement document of Brisbane and Fitzroy “7.2 (c) The logo of the Merged Club will be the Fitzroy lion logo in perpetuity.””

The definition of Perpetuity means endless or indefinitely long duration or existence

The Brisbane lions are still existent in the AFL are they not?

So I finish this letter off with a question.

Why did the logo HAVE to be changed? Everyone was happy the way it was. Down with the Paddle pop lion!

Yours Truly

A loyal Lions Supporter/Member

Emily L 
Member no, #######

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