Get the original Guernsey back

I am writing this letter to bring my feelings about the changed lions jersey into light.  I am a 27 year old man who grew up playing Australian Rules football.  I went to Brisbane Bears games as a kid and was a Member myself of the Brisbane Lions for almost 8 years through my teenage years.  I watched the bears transform into the mighty Brisbane Lions after joining Fitzroy Football Club.  As i sit here now writing this letter, I recall all the fond memories I have had over the years attending Brisbane Lions games.  I attended the 2001 Grand Final and watched the mighty Brisbane lions win a flag with the true original lions jersey.  I watched Micheal Voss bomb a 75 metre Goal in 2000, round 9 proudly wearing the original lion on his jersey.  It’s moments like this you are proud to support the team you feel so passionately about.  Myself and all the supporters want this feeling BACK.  Get the original Guernsey back, bring back the jersey that we won three flags in.  Inspire the players to perform well and be proud of the mighty club they represent.

Yours Sincerely,

Lachlan T

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