I am writing to you to voice my concerns

Dear Mr Holmes,

I am a current financial member and player sponsor of the Brisbane Lions, and have financially supported the club as a member, player sponsor and coterie member since it’s inception following the merger of Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears.

I am writing to you to voice my concerns regarding your board’s apparent neglect of the current guernsey situation.  I understand it wasn’t the current administration’s decision to change the Brisbane Lions guernsey from the traditional side on Lion design worn originally without consultation with members of the club, however the current administration’s refusal to address this issue is of great concern.

The original guernsey design that was worn by the Brisbane Lions became a symbol of the success and strength of our football club.  It elicited feelings of unity between Fitzroy and Brisbane Bears members and supporters, building the sense of oneness that had helped overcome a number of the issues of being a merged dual state club.  It was the symbol for which Michael Voss, Jonathan Brown, Alastair Lynch and their peers worked to achieve the ultimate success on behalf of.

It is abhorrent that an administration can change the guernsey without consulting the members, and almost as abhorrent that the current administration won’t allow members to have their say regarding their club’s guernsey.  Administrations come and go, but the members are the lifeblood of the club and deserve the opportunity to have input upon decisions as large as the club’s guernsey.  Your administration’s continued disregard for the member’s views is arrogant and ignorant of the traditions that make Australian Rules the unique game it currently is.

I implore you to follow the lead of ground breaking clubs such as Port Adelaide, and put the guernsey design to a member’s vote.  If the current ‘cartoon’ lion design has the support of a majority of members, then I can accept that decision, even though I believe that outcome is extremely unlikely.  What I can’t accept is your administration’s continuing to hide your collective heads in the sand regarding the guernsey issue.

If this is not put to a member’s vote, then I will be forced to discontinue any financial support of the club including membership, player sponsorship and merchandise purchases for myself and my children until your administration has been deposed along with the current board.  Given the club also does not appear willing to fight for the six games in Melbourne as per the merger agreement, my AFL club support membership will revert to an AFL membership solely, and I can still gain entry to the four, three or two games per year in Melbourne, whichever you allow the AFL to program.

Yours sincerely,

Chris W

Gold Brisbane Lions Member no. #######

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