It saddens me

To whom it may concern,

It saddens me that it has got to this point, were we have to individually submit a heartfelt letter to get the management of the Brisbane Lions to try and get them to listen to us. My letter might be a little different to the rest of the members and supporters as I am only twenty-two years old, and was only five when Fitzroy merged with the Brisbane Bears, so although as a kid I was sad when it happened, I didn’t understand what was really happening. A club had died. Our club had died. 

But one thing is for sure, I grew up knowing who they were and what the club used to be. My nana lived around the corner from the Brunswick Street Oval and was very involved within the Fitzroy Football Club. Growing up going for a team that merged was a little confusing, as I felt the Brisbane Bear supporters were trying to hold onto their club, whilst the Fitzroy supporters were trying to do the same thing. Although the difference was, we lost the majority of football games here in Melbourne. If I stand corrected, it was stated that The Brisbane Lions would play at least seven games in Melbourne. Year after year this has slowly gone down, and I know many of us feel as though soon they will want to wipe their hands clean of us, ex Roy supporters eventually. First it was by decreasing the amount of games we play here and then it was the changing of the jumper.

 I was brought up wearing a lion and felt attached to the football club in my own little way. When the jumper was changed and the new aged lion was created, it was like a huge slap in the face to ex Lion supporters who were (as far as I know) promised that the Fitzroy lion would never be changed. But times have changed, and the club has as well. It seems as though the Brisbane Lions do not want to keep half of their culture to stay in Melbourne, but instead forget about Fitzroy all together just because they aren’t a part of Melbourne anymore. 

The Brisbane Lions train in Brisbane.

The Brisbane Lions play majority of their games in Brisbane.

Can you please at least let us Fitzroy supporters hold onto one thing? The lion on the chest.

Although it is only just one small change, it would mean a hell of a lot to many, many supporters and members out there.

Thank you for your time,

Ashleigh D

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