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Hi Mr Holmes,

I am a passionate third-generation Fitzroy/Brisbane Lions supporter who has been a member of the club since I was two-years old. Now I am married with two kids, we are all proud Victorian family members and attend every game the Lions play in Melbourne with the occasional trip to Brisbane.

The last time I emailed the club was in late 2009 when I sent an email to then CEO, Michael Bowers questioning the club’s decision to change the playing jumper. I was specifically seeking further information on a supposed focus group that was run at the time to gauge the members and fan’s feedback. I believed at the time and still now that this fan feedback was insufficient and an insult to the paid up members like my family and I who never had the opportunity to voice their opinion.

To me the jumper is everything.  What struck me on Saturday at the game vs Essendon was how strong our traditional jumper looked. Having not seen it on the field for a while really reinforced my personal view that the traditional jumper is a far superior design to the horrible one that we currently wear. The traditional jumper also well represents the wonderful merged history of Fitzroy and ofcourse the Brisbane Bears.

Whilst I know everyone does not hold the same opinion as me, there was a clear message from the fans at the after-match function on Saturday afternoon that this jumper should be retained on a permanent basis. There were also many media commentators in Melbourne discussing over the weekend how much better the traditional design is over the current.

I said this before in my previous email to Mr Bowers, but I don’t see why the club can’t continue with the current logo, however change the jumper back to the traditional lion. A great solution to incorporate the new logo to the jumper would be to put the face of the new lion logo on the breast where the three-peat logo is on this limited edition version.

Why the club continues to dismiss the views of long-term members is beyond me. If my views are in the minority fair enough, but I demand a members’ poll to prove it!!!!!

Wade B

Gold member no. xxxxxxxxx

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