Make us proud again

To the Brisbane Lions Board,

While I grew up in North Queensland and, therefore, didn’t grow up following Australian Rules football I have become a passionate Australian Rules fan who dearly loves the Brisbane Lions. When I first became exposed to the Lions around about 2003 I didn’t understand the unique history behind our club and didn’t fully appreciate the significance of our success at that time.

Over time, being surrounded by Lions friends & family, I learned all that was great about our club and it helped implant in me a love for the things our club stood for and how united all Lions fans felt during those glory years.

I was quite upset by the Lions Boards decision to change the guernsey as I felt the old guernsey stood as a symbol of that united club & it’s history. By taking it away I felt the Club had taken away from us, the fans, a part of our history, a part of our unity. 

It didn’t help that they decided to replace our proud symbol with a cartoon mock up of a Lion that can’t be taken seriously. To hear opposition supporters, and more disturbingly our own, refer to our guernsey as “Paddle Pop” weakens the strength of what used to be a proud club public image.

As the years have progressed I have seen multiple attempts by members & supporters of our club pushing for our elected Board to sit up and take notice of this as a serious issue. All I have seen from the club in response is flat out dismissal of these attempts.

All we’re asking for is the chance, as is our right as members, to have our say on this issue. It’s time for that to happen.


Belinda J

Silver Member No. #######

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