Members first – should be the no.1 rule at every club

I am not a Brisbane Lions member, or even a supporter, so you might wonder why I am even engaging with this campaign.

I AM a football supporter. I suffer the same anguish of footy fans everywhere when the AFL, and increasingly the clubs themselves, seem to prioritise everything and everyone except the grass roots fans in their decision making. Scheduling of games, rule changes, expansion plans, the proportion of grand final tickets that go to corporate sponsors & people with cash rather than the poor sods who actually turned up week in week out to support the teams playing…..  Ask any die hard fan, and the list of complaints is long and sorely felt. And yet we keep on going. Going to games, seeking out the one pub which will televise our out of state team playing the wooden spoon team, paying for memberships and merchandise. Why, because we love our team. We feel like the team belongs to us. We are connected. We are family.

Break that faith, and all the OTHER things will become too much to bear. If your members are telling you that they don’t feel connected to the jumper (to your BRAND, effectively) then you have a problem. An easy problem to fix as it turns out – unlike many problems in footy (or life). So why wouldn’t you listen? Hear your members? Act?

Everyone needs to take a moment to remember – the game is nothing without the fans. 


Kate S

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