Old Guernsey is Pride! New Guerney is Nothing!

Since 1997, I have been a  loyal supporter of this club. I have visited every Lions game I possibly could, no matter what weather, or if I’m healthy or sick.  As a person who truly loves this club, I believe that the club’s identity and traditions should come first. But you have sold them.

A club, is more than just a business it’s a family, it brings us all together. We come to the games every week to support our beloved team. We go through every emotion, just to get our team over the line. Throughtout the history, of this great club, we have achieved many different heights which cannot be sold or forgotten. But we’ve done this with our traditional, REAL Lion. 

We all know that supporters are a big part of a club, that is what makes any club live, we don’t do it for profit, we do it because we LOVE our team. Therefore, I believe that supporters need to have a say at how the club is run. To all of us, the old Lion, means pride and our winning traditions. However the new Lion, is nothing more but a paddlepop, which has no history and will leave no legacy behind it.

So as a 16 year long fan, along with thousands of others, I ask you to bring the old Lion back where it belongs.

The old Lion means history and traditional values.

The new Lion is nothing more, than just a cartoon for kids.



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