Listen to the people

To the Board of the BLFC,

I am a lifelong supporter of the Fitzroy and Brisbane Lions Football Club. I reside in south west country Victoria and you will not find a more passionate and loyal supporter. In 2009 a decision was made without proper or any consultation to change our gurnsey and emblem to what we see today. From that moment in time numerous other reckless decisions have also had a negative impact on our success both on and off the field. My message to you the board of our club is please please get the basics right and  reverse the disgraceful decision that was made in 2009. I have two boys who both have jumpers without proud and historic lion on the front. I will never ever be able to pay for any merchandise bearing the current paddle pop lion. In my opinion it is and absolute joke. Not only does it look terrible answer me this what does it stand for… answer NOTHING.. Bring back an emblem and jumper that our people and all AFL supporters respected and feared. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE !!!


Nathan B

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