Moving Forward

To the Brisbane Lions Administration,

I have been a member of the Brisbane Lions since 1997. I have sat through probably 200 or more live Brisbane Lions games in this period. I have been there for the massive defeats as well as the amazing victories. I have bought countless items of merchandise, including several guernseys. I have even been involved in the sponsorship of players through the years.

In short, my life has revolved and continues to revolve around supporting the Brisbane Lions. It is with this in mind that I write to you today. 

In all my time supporting the Lions, I have never been as disappointed in the administration of this club as I am about the way that you have handled the introduction and support of the new guernsey.  The utter lack of concern about what members and supporters thought about this important and significant change was appalling and extremely disappointing. 

The example of clubs like the Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide show that clubs and fans can work together on issues such as the playing guernsey and from this build a stronger community. Port Adelaide’s current guernsey was designed by a seven year old and has been a unifying image for the club in its recent, less successful period. Why can’t the Brisbane Lions have a similar relationship with its fans; why can’t the fans and the club work together?

The statements I hear coming from the club in recent times about the guernsey is that it’s in the past and it’s time to move on. Surely the very fact that fans and supporters continue to be upset with this decision more than three years after the original decision is indicative of the fact that it continues to be an issue that must be dealt with by the club. Why continue to lock the members and supporters out?

The administration doesn’t even know whether the guernsey was a success or not because it continues to refuse to survey us about what we think about the new guernsey. Has the new guernsey brought more fans to the club compared to those lost? Has the guernsey sales improved massively? Is the general attitude of fans and members to the guernsey positive or negative? Are members and supporters spending less because of the change? I think I know the answer to these questions and I don’t think they support the administration’s current position.

All I ask is that you put the issue to a vote. Let the supporters decide what their team should wear. The board has previously signed up to the Members Charter which made mention of consulting members about future guernsey changes. The time is now. Don’t let this issue continue to be a lingering sore for the supporters of the Brisbane Lions. Show some courage; prove that this administration is a different breed to others that have led this club previously.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheldon P, Member no. xxxxxx

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