Save the jumper

“This letter was sent to the club 4/3/2010

Dear Lions,

As a melbourne based member it is extremely sad how things have evolved in the court room between BLFC and Fitzroy. Such quotes from Brisbane’s QC stating fitzroy supports have shrunk if not vanished and fitzroy is a club thats gone under is concerning. 

After all, wasn’t this new logo suppose to increase membership rates for its new era. I believe it will do more harm than good. Yes the membership rates are up from last year, clearly because of the recruiting strategy at the end of 2009. Hearing these words from the club Fitzroy merged with is disgusting. Brisbane’s main argument is losing money, how about if you lost your club like most melbourne supporters did. Fitzroy were known as the people’s club, summed up on its delivery in court today, was a non-profit company and the case had been instigated with no financial motive.

Brisbane Lions FC should endeavour to resolve this outside the court room and meet Fitzroy half way. The bigger this grows, the worse off it will be for BLFC and Fitzroy. As a member, I would like to see a little more compassion shown on the BLFC behalf, right now it is putting salt into old wounds. 

Brisbane will always be Brisbane, home ground with home games. Melbourne based supporters get to support their club at a minimal level, I think it’s time the BLFC recognises this. I know I’m just one voice out of many thousands. It is with great resentment this is my second email to the club in as many months. 

I hope things can be worked out before all is lost. For one reason or another, I think it could be a little too late. 

Thanks for your time.

Marcus S

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