This goes against everything that made me love footy

“I’m not a passionate sports fan, I feel I should say that off the bat. 

But my husband is. So is my middle son. And seeing as I’m from a rugby league family and so is my husband, that son grew up originally loving league. Naturally, as soon as he turned 7, he wanted to sign up to play under 8’s. 

I hated the culture around rugby league though, so made a decision. I’d long admired the tradition, sportsmanship and heritage of the AFL so signed him up at the local AFL club.

Nearly fifteen years later, you’ll struggle to find two more passionate Lions fans than him and his dad. 

Yet to see the club bring in their current guernsey in 2009 was a real shock to me. It seemed fake, cartoon like, and a complete departing from everything that made me love the game when I signed my son up all those years ago.

To see that it is still being worn every week made me wonder if I had the game wrong all along. I’ve since realised though that it’s not me who has had the game wrong, it’s the Lions’ board. They clearly have no understanding of what the heritage of a guernsey means, and I’m not quite sure how as even I with no real sporting passion could see it at the Mt Gravatt Vultures the first day I signed my son up, but it absolutely can’t go on.

The game is simply better than this. The club needs to be better than this. It’s jut a disgrace that it ever happened. What’s even worse is that it’s still continuing.

Yours sincerely,

Judy F

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  • Mya Murphy

    08.10.2021 at 04:47

    Thoughtful blog you have here

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