We Want To Be Heard

To The Brisbane Lions Administration,

My father was a Foundation Supporter for the Brisbane Bears. It was him that got me into Aussie Rules as a boy and the Bears as a club to support growing up in Brisbane. I took to Aussie Rules at a young age and became in love with the game, its passion, heritage and pride.  I have continued to love the game to this very day because of those same reasons. However I believe the Lions have lost a little of the heritage that I and a lot of Lions supporters have loved.

When the Bears and Lions merged in 1996, I, like a lot of supporters continued to support the club on this merger and welcomed the new fan base as well. We used the colours of the Bears and the logo of the Lions, yet in 2010 the administration thought it would be a good idea to change one of those things. The Board members involved did so without a member’s vote or opinion on the matter and that is what a lot of us are asking for. We are asking to be heard, considered and most of all recognised. 

Put this decision to a vote and see what happens. If the majority of the members want to continue with the Paddlepop then so be it. This new administration has a chance to right a wrong and unite this beautiful club that I love.


Sean M.

Member no. #######

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