Another Victorian Member Lost….

“As a proud Fitzroy/Brisbane supporter & member over the past 15 years, I’m sad to say that the club lost my membership (plus by father, brother, and sister) this year as the club appears to be moving in the completely wrong direction.  

Sure, the on field stuff at the moment isn’t perfect, and sure, our playing list may have some issues, we a members can generally look past these factors and find some positives.  One thing I (and my family) can no longer ignore, is the clubs blatant disrespect for its Victorian based (old Fitzroy) members.  Not only have we had to watch the number of Melbourne games deteriorate (without so much as a whimper from our current administration), we’ve seen the complete demise of our Victorian based social club, and now the one thing that members are most passionate about, OUR JUMPER!!!  (ever wonder why Victorian memberships are on the decline?).

I understand there are marketing opportunities, and revenue to be generated when releasing a new guernsey (if I hear Vossy say it’s a ‘new beginning’ again I’m going to scream), but surely this shouldn’t outweigh what the members value, and the history (remember those 3 premierships?) that is being lost.  Look at the great clubs (Geelong, Hawthorn, Essendon, Collingwood etc.), their home strips don’t change, even the other interstate clubs have gone back to original, simplified designs, some of those clubs actually listened to their members, and let them vote on the design…. crazy concept??  I think not!!

I can live with the poor performance (just), I can live with the reduced number of Melbourne games, but my family and I won’t be renewing our memberships until the current administration take their collective heads out of the sand, do their job, and restore the original lion onto our once proud jumper.

For the sake of this once great club, I urge the administration to take this matter seriously, take some action, and restore the pride!  

Craig M

Member no #######

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