The Identity of the Brisbane Lions

“On the birth of the Brisbane Lions in 1997, I became a supporter of the Brisbane Lions. Prior to that I was a supporter of the Fitzroy Football Club and was excited about the possibilities of what our merged club could achieve.

Over the 15 plus years, I have been along for the ride as we rode from the struggles of 1998, the ecstasy of the Premiership years and all the other highs and lows.  As a result of this, when I talk about the Brisbane Lions I say “”we”” and “”us””.  I truly feel that as a supporter of this great club, I am privileged to have that ability.

Unfortunately, in 2009, the then administration of the Brisbane Lions changed a fundamental part of our club, without consultation with its supporters and members.  Our jumper, the prime physical embodiment of our combined clubs past and identity, which our players wear into battle each week, was ripped from us without the fans even having a say.  

To add insult to injury, not only was our jumper replaced without our involvement, but it was replaced by a jumper that is the prime example of what is wrong with recent design trends in sporting apparel.  Simplicity and history were replaced with cartoons and modern elements; beauty replaced by garishness.

It is difficult to feel a connection to my club when the fans who support the club through the good times and the bad are treated with such contempt.  The passion just slowly declines. I will continue to be a supporter of the Brisbane Lions until the day I die.  However, I am no longer a member and I fear that if this attitude of the Brisbane Lions administration continues I soon will no longer be saying “”we”” or “”us””.

I wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of The Lion’s Roar.  There are numerous challenges ahead for the Brisbane Lions and the club must be united for us to succeed. For the unity of our great club, we need to consult the supporters of the club on the jumper and other key aspects of the club’s identity.  Only when all parts of the club from the supporters to the players to the Chairman feel a sense of ownership in the club can we be united and succeed when facing the challenges of the future.

Simon C

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