We stand taller in the premiership jumper!

To the Board,

First off I should say that I have been a Fitzroy supporter and member for as long as I’ve been alive. I have also been a member with the Brisbane Lions since inception in 1997.

I was fortunate enough to see the Lions win each of the three Premierships from 2001 to 2003 and fall at the last hurdle in 2004. To see us beat Essendon at Etihad Stadium in round 8 this year brought back memories of that first Premiership against Essendon. Moreover, it brought back memories of the way in which our previous jumper tormented and intimidated the opposition week in week out.

The jumper carries with it a certain history and pride which was enhanced and strengthened by the golden era which we enjoyed at the turn of the century. I have no doubt that our players stood taller and stronger when they adorned our famous jeresey two weeks ago at Etihad stadium. What a coincidence that we had one of our finest wins in the last 10 years whilst wearing that jumper! Say what you will about ‘moving on’ and ‘letting go’ of the past but you don’t see Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond or Essendon changing their strip do you???? Of course not! They value tradition and history, as we must. It goes a long way to developing respect and at the moment, wearing the ‘paddle pop lion’ jumper, we demand none!

Why on earth the Board decided to get rid of our Premiership jumper i’ll never understand! The new jumper simply looks ridiculous and carries no aura whatsoever.Notwithstanding the lack of consultation at the time, the decision in itself is absolutely mind-blowing. It’s amazing how the decisions of the few can affect the many. 

We as a club should demand that our Premiership jumper be reinstated at the commencement of the 2014 season.

Here’s joping common sense prevails!!!!

Go Lions

Peter M

Member no. #######

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