Letter from a loyal Lions fan


As a passionate supporter of the Lions I would like to express my current state of dissatisfaction with our current jersey i.e. the Paddlepop logo. As a keen observer of social media along with having many Lions supporter mates, I have clearly noticed how many supporters share my views that we should revert to the traditional Fitzroy lion on the front of the jersey. 

I would ask that the club allows a vote on this at the next AGM, it makes sense that the extent of the fans’ disillusionment is listened to as the fans make the club and the old lion respects not only the recent history of the jersey the 01-03 premierships were won under but also the Fitzroy history of the merged club. Plus it looks way better than the Paddlepop that looks like the head and body have been drawn separately and joined together and also obviously bears a close resemblance to the Paddlepop lion which strikes neither fear in the heart of the opposition nor the urge to purchase anything with this focus group monstrosity on it. 

Thanks very much for listening and I strongly urge to club to listen to the extent of the fans’ feelings over this or risk alienating more fans than they already have. 

Yours Sincerely

Ed M.

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