Save our jumper

I was a young kid before the lions won their hat trick of premierships. Before this time, I grew up playing soccer and followed Rugby League. AFL was basically non-existent in my world at this time as I was born and bred in Brisbane. The lions premiership years introduced me to AFL –  and I have never looked back. I fell in love with AFL and fell even more in love with the Brisbane lions. 

I wore the old Brisbane lions jersey everywhere – to training, the the gym, at uni – everywhere. I was so proud showing it off to everyone. I was bitterly disappointed when the fans and supportes weren’t consulted in regards to changing the jersey. Since the decision to change the jersey to the “”paddle pop”” lion, I have not  felt the same kind of connection as I once did with the club. I am embarrassed to call this our jersey, and I have not bought a single piece of merchandise since the change.

Please take into consideration all the comments left on this page and the countless other comments left on the official Brisbane Lions Facebook page. Myself and many other people out there will be much more inclined to purchase membership if we have a jersey proud to call our own.

Keelan Richardson

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