It doesn’t hurt to ask

“Dear board and admin of the Brisbane Lions Football Club,

Long time member, first time writer.

I am not terribly good at expressing myself in written form, so I’ll make this brief.

I believe, absolutely, that we, the members of this football club deserve the chance to have our say, by way of a vote, on what style guernsey we would like to see our football team play in.

In my humble opinion, the newer design, the so-called “”paddlepop””, is not the way to go, going forward.

To me, the old “”Fitzroy”” lion was (is) the perfect emblem for our club jumper. It is representative of our most successful era; it’s the symbol of the unity of two tribes of fans; it’s respected by supporters of all clubs; and if it isn’t universally loved by all Brisbane Lions supporters, it’s near enough to.

On the other hand, I associate the “”paddlepop”” jumper with: an aloof and arrogant administration; a complete inappropriateness as an AFL uniform (I must admit, though, that it isn’t ugly per se, and would make a great jumper for the under 10s); unpopularity with a larger-than-what-you’d-hope-for percentage of supporters; it’s nothing more a cynical marketing exercise; Fevola.

When it was first introduced, we were told we’d grow to love it, or, at least, get used to it; with every success, a little more attachment to the PP would surely follow. I can assure you this is not the case, certainly as far as I’m concerned.

While consistent success has eluded in recent times, there’s been enough, you’d think, to generate some sort of warmer feelings towards the PP: Finger’s 250th; the Polk-barrel game; the ressies’ premiership; and the NAB Cup to name a few. Great thrills each and every one of them… but that jumper is still to find its place in my heart.

So, anyway, like many, I have little time for the PP guernsey, but a whole lotta love for our traditional strip.

Please, give your members the opportunity to have their say.

Most sincerely,

Steve R

Gold member #######

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