From an ex-member

To whom it may concern,

I am a long-time supporter of the Brisbane Lions, and have been a member back in 2008 and rejoined in 2011 after the departure of the previous CEO and chairman.  I have however let my membership lapse this year.

As a non-Queensland/Victorian resident, I cannot make it to games.  The only real benefit I got out of being a member of the Brisbane Lions is the feeling of being part of the club and of being part of a voice that is listened to and respected by the club.  Back in 2009 and 2010, I did not feel that was the case under Michael Bowers, culminating in his dismissive attitude to both members and supporters in the aftermath of the jumper changes so resolved not to sign up again until he was no longer present.  That change was made in 2010, so I immediately signed up as a member for 2011 with hope towards the future.

My big hope was that with the new hierarchy coming in, more information would be forthcoming on the jumper change – why it was made and what basis the change was made on, rather than just a reference to a “focus group” who liked it.  Over the two years this hope slowly dwindled, even though I raised it in the member surveys provided over those years.  Ultimately it became even more apparent that the new bosses were the same as the old bosses, and decided to save my money.  If I don’t feel that the members are being listened to by the club or not even asked for their opinion, then why is it worth my while putting money into the club?  After all, as mentioned above, that is the only benefit I get out of being a member.

If the jumper decision is revisited, the reasonings made clear and a full and frank discussion is held with the members I would sign back up in an instant.  If it became clear that a majority of members and supporters prefer the new jumper, I would accept that knowing our voices have been heard – I will continue to wear my 2003 jumper to the one Sydney game a year with pride.  This is why I’m writing to you – in the hope that this conversation is held.  Years late, some might say, but better late than never.


Donald S.

Ex-member no. #######

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