Towards 2016 or Still – lost in our ways?

Chris “Marngrook” Johnson directed me here.

Dear Board Members,

The first time I’d ever…  seen/heard the selling of the “Relentless-United-Respectful” slogan with its powerful and emotive imagery linking of the historical back-to back-to back, 3-peat era players and jumper to the ‘new-era’ boys I was emotionally moved – great/powerful marketing. We were stirringly reminded we had “a history like no other, two tribes united for one common goal”. A calling of attention suggested, they have listened and gone to work to strengthen our values, to be driven towards 2016.

The Brisbane Lions Members Charter also advises they “will consult members on a regular basis through focus groups and surveys on significant issues affecting the club and/or members. These issues may include, but are not limited to, significant changes to the Club song and guernsey and will be determined by the Board of the Brisbane Lions.”

The Jumper Issue – is for some, whether they be from Queensland or from my home state Victoria, the major issue and good on them – Personally, I would follow our mob wearing anything but by-golly that traditional “Hero Lion” as Browny called it, looked grand at the docklands against Essendon as I am sure it will again for those heading to the Gabba to see us take on the pies on Friday night but… my grievance and predominantly why I am writing this letter, is to plead to the board that when there are “significant issues affecting the club and/or members” that we, current members, past players and officials are given the opportunity to voice our opinion and be given the opportunity to work together to strengthen what is in essence, all OUR values, going forward.

Yours in anticipation,

Paul M

Member no. #######

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