Our Club, Our Say – Members Demand to Be Heard

Brisbane Lions Supporter Advocacy group The Lion’s Roar is disturbed that the AFL is seeking to stifle the right of members to have a say on how their club is run.

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou is quoted in media as saying:

“Our position is very clear, if the members want to call an EGM they can do that, they can do what they want but they shouldn’t rely on the AFL’s financial support…”  

If Mr Demetriou is suggesting that financial assistance is incumbent upon the members not exercising their rights, then it is a slap in the face of the many members and supporters who have called loudly and consistently for the right to have their say on the future of the Board.

The Lion’s Roar spokesperson James Kliemt says:

“We were hopeful that the AFL would play the role of the impartial mediator. Instead, it looks like the AFL wants to sweep this dispute under the carpet. If the AFL simply wants quick resolution instead of pushing for the best long term outcome, then we would argue that the members of this great club deserve better. 

“Our position has not changed. We believe that the members have the right to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting to bring some stability back to a divided club. We believe that it is the moral duty of the Club to schedule that EGM as soon as possible. And we believe that no-one involved in football has the right to hold members to ransom by withholding financial support from the club.

“We call on the AFL and the rival tickets to strive for a meaningful and long-lasting resolution to the current dispute. If that cannot be achieved, then an EGM must be held as soon as legally possible so that the owners of the club can have their say.”

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