Board Shenanigans Update

 As many of you will know, the time for the club to call the EGM passed yesterday. This effectively gives the Williams ticket the option of scheduling the EGM if they choose to do so.

A brief release on the Lions website advised last night that mediation was ongoing and a board meeting will be held next Tuesday.

As we’ve consistently said, we believe the members have the right to be heard and it is our view that if the club cannot be repaired through negotiation, then the members want the EGM to proceed. 

We’re not involved in the negotiations between the two tickets and the AFL so we can’t update you any more in that regard. We have spoken to both the Johnson and Williams tickets but don’t have a strong sense whether a resolution is imminent or even possible.

While we are frustrated with the ongoing delays, The Lion’s Roar has decided to give the camps until Wednesday to resolve this. From your various communications with us, we know that you are also frustrated. As we’ve always sought to do, we’ve let both camps know your feelings – that you want action and that the delays are becoming increasingly unacceptable.

Hopefully, Tuesday’s board meeting will bring some more clarity to the situation. Once we’ve heard from the opposing camps, we’ll get back in contact with you next week.

We do have options. One way or another, we will get this sorted. Our proud club deserves nothing less.

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  • Michael

    05.10.2013 at 07:56

    It’s time that the board moved towards a positive resolution quickly. I am a supporter of the Williams group and believe that we need a change now, not in December.