A Statement From Leigh Matthews:

 Now that a slightly new, united board under the Chairmanship of Bob Sharpless and with the critical support of the AFL is now in place at the Brisbane Lions I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the 800 odd members who initiated the request for an EGM. This action played an important role in starting the process of change that I, and I think the membership, wanted at board level.

I hope those members who took the time to send in the requisition forms can understand that the messiness and expense created by an EGM was always the last option and when the new look board was flagged and brokered by the AFL to us last Wednesday morning , the Fresh Start team became convinced that it was in the best interests of the club’s future for that proposal to be accepted.

In particular this acceptance only happened because our intended new chairman Paul Williams came to the team first view that the financial assistance that accompanied the proposal was too valuable for the club to knock back and he felt compelled to stand down from the board , along with Angus Johnson and Linda Nash , as a condition of the arrangement being be put into effect. Additionally Dr Allan Smith and Ross Thornton agreed to stand down from their intention to run for election at the EGM. So the new board was able to be formed which brought with it total stability and unity back to the club and it is now full steam ahead. As I said at a recent press conference, the labour may have been painful but the new baby is healthy and progressing well.

The future is always uncertain but I am confident that the changes that have occurred over the last few months, new coach , new “Football Manager”( Peter Schwab) , new Chairman and new Football Director provides a terrific platform for a brighter future. 

Your assistance and support has been much appreciated.

Go Lions!!

Leigh Matthews

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