Lions CEO resigns…

The Lions Roar would like to acknowledge Mr Malcolm Holmes for his 3 years of service as CEO of the Brisbane Lions. This has been a very difficult period in the Lions’ history and it cannot have been easy to lead the club during this time.

We welcome the opportunity for this club to make a fresh start under a new leader. With so much work needing to be done, now is the time for a new CEO who can bring first hand experience from successful footy clubs as well as an understanding of the unique challenges facing the Brisbane Lions. 

Our club needs someone who can rebuild it from the bottom up. We need someone who can set us on a path to financial recovery. We need someone who can robustly represent us down in Melbourne at AFL House. We need someone who can ensure the football department has every necessary resource to improve the players who wear the maroon, blue and gold each week. And we need a CEO who will truly open the lines of communication with us – the members and supporters of this great club.

This is not an easy job to walk into. There are lots of obstacles to overcome. But we believe rebuilding the trust of members and supporters should be a top priority. We look forward to working with the new CEO in returning this club to greatness.

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