Media Clarification

A couple of minor clarifications stemming from this article.

The Lion’s Roar does not support or oppose the Springfield development, nor have we represented that all Lions supporters are angry about a planned move of the training and administration base to that site.

It is our position that the decision making process has not been fully explained to members and supporters. Whether or not Springfield is the best possible outcome, we believe it is incumbent on the Board to fully explain their decision and to reassure supporters that all options were given due consideration. Once more information is released then we may be able to form a firmer opinion.

We have received a lot of feedback on this issue in the past couple of weeks. We continue to rely on feedback to guide us. The more we get, the better we can represent you. As such, in the coming days we intend to conduct a survey. We hope this’ll be just the first in a regular process to help us keep our finger on the pulse, so your participation would be appreciated.

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  • Justarandomfan

    09.05.2014 at 21:54

    Hey guys, just a note of support for your sensible and even-handed approach to the mess the Lions have found themselves in. As a fan, I’m glad to have a group like you around. Thanks!