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The Lion’s Roar

The Brisbane Lions Member’s Charter says that the club will “consult members on a regular basis through focus groups and surveys on significant issues affecting the club and/or members”. Either moving the club’s headquarters out of town is not a “significant issue” or the Charter has been ignored. The Lion’s Roar survey is the first I’ve received, well after the decision has been made.

I have not got a problem with the Lions leaving the Gabba,but surely there is somewhere a lot closer that can be developed.

I believe that the club should fully investigate a move of admin and training facilities to Yeronga as I believe that there are already two suitable ovals and a swimming pool there. With financial help from the Brisbane City Council, The A.F.L. and The Lions, surely a suitable facility, incorporating a gymnasium, change rooms and offices could be built with much less financial outlay than the Springfield proposition. Yeronga is much closer to most supporters and players, and could possibly be used for reserve games at which supporters could easily attend on the way to the Gabba to see the BIG BOYS play.

The Gabba MUST have drop in wickets!

if you can’t put the welfare of the club, players and supporters first, pack up and get out.

I would support Springfield if it could be proved it would be in the best interest of the club, but what is happening at St Kilda and what just happened with the Adelaide Oval does not give me any confidence Springfield would be the right choice.

The only issue I have with board is that I wished I knew of the alternatives and the supporting arguments to Springfield for the new Administration and Training facility.

If support is to grow for the lions the ground needs to be within walking distance or short bus/train ride from CBD so supporters can come got a weekend and watch the footy without incurring delays with travel. We need to embrace brisbane as the lions den and create a buzz around the city on game day.

If members and fans are included in the process then we’re more likely to be supportive. We’re not just a ‘revenue stream’!

I feel this board may not have learnt the lesson the last board needed to, ie consult with, communicate with the members. We need to feel connected. We are the mainstay. Others come and go. The members are the constant.

We need to back our people or get rid of them. I don’t need to agree with everything they do but need confidence that they have the clubs best interests at heart and don’t make too many bad decisions.

Do not ignore the members and fans

I feel over the past 2-3 years the board in particular are not prone to advising members of possible changes seeking their input and certainly not providing alternatives or being honest in the reasons behind any changes. It is disappointing in that the current members are sticking with the Club through these tough times. We invest a lot of money it is not cheap to attend the football food drinks merchandise and in our case support the Lions at Springwood including meals before all games at Springwood. I have followed Fitzroy/Bears/ Lions for some 60 years as have my entire family.I feel we deserve a little better in the form of communication and transparency.

The football club will not move forward until top level management is in place,. Just look at all the long term successful clubs ie Geelong. Just another point that appears to be filtering into every sporting event that really annoys me is that the volume of music/on ground events during intervals .Part of the pleasure of attending games is being able to discuss with friends and other people our immediate areas the progress of the game, players etc. I assume this is trying to cater for the younger people attending the games. What percentage of ticket holders/members/general public are under the age 25?

Greater communication required with the members. Two examples of change that was thrust on members: 1. Removing the Lion Mascot and replacing it with Bernie Gabba Vegas. 2. Changing the Lions jumper with no discussion with members.

It is clear that the club must move its facilities and administration away from the Gabba in order to be competitive on and off the field. While I am somewhat bothered that the club will claim to represent Brisbane and Fitzroy but be based in neither, I am completely willing to support a move to Springfield if the club has indeed undertaken a comprehensive and diligent process that found Springfield to offer the best solution in terms of quality of facilities and improvement of the club’s financial position. Unfortunately members have been kept at arms length throughout the whole process and the level of transparency, engagement and communication in regards to this project has simply been far below what is appropriate for a member based club. Many members, including myself, are somewhat “miffed” that our request for an EGM was knocked on the head last year in order to facilitate a compromised board which involved the parachuting of the Deputy Chairman of the Springfield Land Corporation directly not just onto the board of the club, but straight into the Chairmanship. I don’t have any strong suspicions of a direct conflict-of-interest in this regard, but I can completely appreciate that others are somewhat concerned about the image that situation has created. If anything,l it would seem to necessitate a stronger effort on behalf of the board to engage and communicate more transparently with members on the Springfield project, but this is still not happening. I find it hard to blindly watch the club sign a 99 year lease on such an important project while this vacuum of transparency continues to exist. I think members deserve to be satisfied that: – that the best possible alternative sites were considered in addition to Springfield. – the criteria used to assess possible sites was (to use the club’s favourite termonology) “thorough and robust”. – that the criteria was applied consistently to all proposed sites – that the criteria clearly demonstrated Springfield to be the superior option for both facilities and financial benefit. If Springfield is indisputably the best option for the club, selling the members on it should be a very easy task. Why won’t you talk to us?

What players are we going to attract to the club after they know they have to travel 25kms to go to training in the middle of nowhere?

Why not try to have place in inner Brisbane. Morningside, Coorparoo, Western Districts, Kedron, Wilston Grange, Sandgate? Why try Springfield. Most of the members don’t live next to Springfield. Most of the players don’t live there either. Isn’t there another option?

The reason I don’t support Springfield is retention/recruitment of players. I think that the training base if not at the gabba should be in an area which is nearer to more attractive areas to live for the players. I honestly don’t think 20 something year old players will want to live in Ipswich or drive 40 mins to training

Whilst many will agree that the Brisbane Lions are in desperate need of new training and administration facilities, I don’t believe that Springfield is the correct option. I believe that the only reason it has been chosen is due to the clubs present financial struggles, and Springfield ticks the box as being ‘affordable’. Springfield may make financial sense now, but what about in the future? I have no doubt in my mind, that when it comes to the drafting or recruiting of players, coaches or other such staff, that it will be a tough task selling them the advantages of having their work and training facilities based outside of Brisbane. Can we really afford that? Can we afford to have our members and supporters feeling even more distant from the club than they are right now? No we can’t. A short term financial ‘fix’ is not the answer. Yes, we need new facilities, yes we need to grow the football department, but at what cost? Moving the club outside of Brisbane? I think the long term cost of that would be far more painful than the financial hurt we are feeling now. Brisbane is our town, Brisbane is our Club, the Lions are our Pride. If we are to Believe, we need to feel that we Belong.

The Gabba is the home and heart of the Lions – and should stay that way. Springfield is definitely too far out to get to comfortably, both for the players and fans.

I thought that QE 2 stadium was to be considered as a future base. Why was it passed over as it is already set up & well situated

We are the BRISBANE Lions, not Ipswich Lions. Why do we want to relocate to a rugby league area when we could move up the road to Burpengary which has a very large and growing AFL participation rate as well as a growing population? Also, we need to keep our young boys here in Brisbane but would they stay if they had to go to Springfield every day? And I read that it is only 15 minutes from the GABBA, what by helicopter? Why are we not in negotiations with Brisbane City Council to relocate where AFLQ is at Yeerongpilly or upgrade the training base at Coorparoo? My family would be more than happy to donate money to assist in fundraising if the club stays in Brisbane.

any move must be central to Brisbane G.P.O. so as not to isolate any sections of the whole of Brisbane NOT A obscure location such as Springfield WHICH ONLY APPEALS TO MINORITY POPULATION,what about the people who live on the North and East side of W/gabba.Furthermore consideration must be given to Coorparoo ,Yeronga and the old Windsor football club site .EACH OF THESE SITES MAY BE MORE EXPENSIVE BUT THE CLUB COULD MAINTAIN ITS IDENTITY not just a another team with less APPEAL TO THE MAJORITY OF BRISBANE AND YOU WOULD REAP THE BENEFITS QUICKLY with much larger membership appeal.isn’t this the key to financial success.

I was not convinced that the outcome with regard to last years ructions of the board of directors was in the clubs best interests. It felt like it was a long protracted mess and in the end a lot of that mess was quickly swept under the carpet in order to create an expedient distancing of all concerned from the bad odour of the whole episode. In the meantime the club website has given no information whatsoever with regard to direction of the club (apart from the recent Sharpless statement), how about some information of substance regarding what is happening at board level and what the different directors want for our club.

More football people are needed on the board. The Lions need to stay and develop the Gabba. We are the Brisbane lions not the Ipswich lions.

Coorparoo or Yeronga or even Burpengary should be seriously supported. Need something for those North of the Gabba. Social Club is South.

I approve of any measure that will be a part of the club’s returning to ‘glory days’ on the field and the respect, off the field, of the football community. This move has my wholehearted support.

I just like to see the best interest in the Brisbane lions and moving the club forward. It’s ashame to see what the club gone through these last acouple of years. For a proud club it would be nice to see them back to the glory years.

It is quite clear staying at the Gabba is not financially sustainable. Springfield just seems to have popped up as the favourite location yet, in my opinion, does not seem like a desirable option for the players and staff who would actually have to use the facility. Are there any realistic alternatives to Springfield?

I don’t believe that we will attract any player to Brisbane if we banish the training facility out of town. You just have to look at Melbourne Football Club, there training base is at Cranbourne, a long way out and difficult to get to. Morten Bay Regional Council has offered their facilities at Burpengary to train, this facility is up and running now!! Why has Brisbane City Council not been approached? after all we are the BRISBANE Lions.

Fix it and fix it now. We have a fantastic crop of young footballers who have joined our club and we all live in fear that they will see no future here and decide to return home.

Yes, we must have more input from “football” experienced people who also have business experience. We have had some very poor Chairman selections over recent times.

Brisbane Lion’s are a Brisbane team and should remain there. Not Ipswich, We are not the Ipswich Lion’s. Relocate outside Brisbane and loose this member.

As a member I want what’s best for the club, but I want my views taken on board and I want the AFL and the lions board to respect the fact that I am a valued member of the club, I am passionate about my side and I will do whatever it takes to make sure my voice is heard.

I would like to know if Morton Bay Regional Council has had an offer on the table regarding Burpengary and some details around this. It seems everything gets set up Southside, e.g. Social Club at Springwood, proposed facilities and pre-season games to Springfield. It appears like the board is trying to focus on Southside to prevent inroads from the Gold Coast Suns, but it is a bit late given the growing membership of the Suns and their on-field success. This focus on Southside is a fundamental flaw.

I have supported the Lions/Bears from day one and love the club. I cannot understand why the Gabba/Coorparoo cannot be better developed to provide the necessary training base. I am a town planner so understand demographics and greenfield development benefits, however for a club representing Brisbane, like any rusted on characteristics of a place, must continue to be central to the place they represent. Easy access, easy identity a place where people want to be. For the Lions, they must be seen as Brisbane, they must be seen as contemporary and they must be an attractive place to be (for players) and to go (for fans). I think only the Gabba can do that including utilising nearby Coorparoo. This sense of identity is the only thing that will enable the club to grow with the city they represent.

I will not be renewing our GOLD membership to the BRISBANE lions if they move to Springfield.

Keep the Brisbane Lions in Brisbane!

Get the Lion’s Shop sorted out so that we can be served easier and quicker and have better access to the goods on sale. And to please stock member’s shirts in sizes other than 5XL, S, & M.

I think that Springfield is to far away there are a lot of members & supporters that live on the Sunshine Coast that would be disadvantaged by this move. I would like to know why the board has picked Springfield, is it going to benefit all members & supporters I don’t think so.

If a new administration centre is to be opened it should be in close proximity to the Gabba eg. within a 5 Km radius at the most.

WTF? Can’t see any point of moving away to the middle of nowhere. The home ground advantage by not training at the Gabba will be lost so why doesn’t the board change the name to the Spingfield western Queensland lions to drive all of the members and supporters who don’t live in the area once and for all.

Needing to move is the result of poor management of funds in the past. Getting a board and management team who are collaborative and democratic on decisions is the key. The culture is the problem – not the location or facilities.

I am sick of all the problems and whilst I don’t expect premierships I expect a better performing club. I love my Lions. It was a dibacle last year with Vossy. Let’s get it right for a change it’s sounding like Fitzroy all over again. Go Lions

Yes – If we are struggling financially – then any proposed bid would need to show how the finances will improve dramatically. There is no point moving from our successful home to such a long distance away. Being a northside resident I found the moreton bay council to be highly funded yet there was no discussion as to why this was unsuitable. For the lions to move forward many locations would need to be explored.

I would like to see more of the Board – very few people know who are Board Members are and what they even look like. I would like more opportunities for Members with Full Voting Rights to get to know the Members of the Board, as the Board are meant to be the voted representatives of the Members.

Please listen to the members and the fans, we are the lifeblood of every club and this is one we are most passionate about.

It is hard enough getting players to stay in Brisbane. I don’t think training base at Springfield will help player retention. Springfield is a family area, young adults want to be around people their age demographic majority of the time and that demographic is in and around the Brisbane City not out in the burbs. I know if I were a player, I would despise having to drive out all that way to train. Players have to be considered here, when playing well, they put bums on seats. Keep them happy and playing well in a happy harmonious environment and everyone is a winner.

The board of the club must realise that it is a member based organisation. Without us the club does not exist. Transparency is paramount and over the past few years it feels as though the board makes arbitrary decisions without full consultation with the members. I understand the board is there to make decisions but only once our voices have been heard. The Gabba is our home – spend the money to upgrade the facilities there and make it a centre of excellence. Springfield is rugby league heartland – and it’s Ipswich. The reason we are the Brisbane Lions is because we are based in Brisbane. Keep it that way.

I’m happy for them to move their admin and training base. but Springfield does seem far away and we can surely learn from the saints botched move to seaford. however collingwoods shift from Vic park has been very successful. as long as it does it for the right reasons its OK.however the club doesn’t communicate this or most of its admin. I only ever find out about the clubs woefull financial bottom line through the papers. we need experienced administrators. from previous clubs maybe. Geelong and port have both done well in this area.why do we always struggle a

All I have heard about this move to Springfield is how “exciting” it is, but no really discussion with members and supporters. No plan, no finance strategy and personally in my opinion not in the best interest of the club. Surely it would be better to spend the money on redeveloping the GABBA’s facilities. Until proven wrong by the board, I think the move to Springfield is bad idea

The notion of ‘Springfield or Bust’ recently touted in the media by the chairman is patently ridiculous and not consistent with how corporate orgs evaluate and select projects. Please stop treating your members like idiots.

Would prefer new admin/top notch training facilities closer to Brisbane and as far away as Springfield. The Gabba is clearly costing the club too much.

I was an inaugural member of the bears and the club lost me after changing to the paddlepop lion jumper. I would return if the club started treating supporters with respect and consult on crucial issues

Any redevelopment must be with the Brisbane City area eg. Coorparoo or Yeronga

My preference would be that the Lions took over both ovals at Coorparoo as this is quite central but if this is not possible as long as games are played at the Gabba I would approve.

The Board needs to be completely voted upon by the Members, not thrust on us by those that believe they know better.

Why don’t they look at developing the cooparoo field into a training facility? Approach the QLD Government and ask them for the same level of support they offered the privately owned News Limited Broncos.

Yeronga or coorparoo are great alternatives to the gabba. The boys ate going great, in the sense that the youngsters are stepping up. Look at port and Adelaide supporters they live coming into town to see they’re team, why move out of town? Also I think the lions can need to create a supporter base up north, sunny coastcause as we know this country is very northerners and southerners orientated. Good luck to the lions in these dark times for us

Since 2005, up until this year I have previously been a proud member of the Brisbane Lions. The events of last year confirmed a nagging feeling that I’d had for quite some time. This feeling was that the Brisbane Lions Board was above reproach from the members, the very people that are supposed to be responsible for electing them in the first place. In a significant groundswell of angst, and for the first time to my knowledge in club history, Members rose up and demanded a say on the make up of our Board via an EGM. In response the club ignored us for a while, in direct breach of the Club Constitution timelines for such a request, before we were finally fobbed off over a technicality which could easily have been rectified. To add insult to that injury a new Board was suddenly announced and installed, after back office dealings were done, without the membership having any say in the matter. Infuriatingly we even ended up with a new Chairman who wasn’t even a member of the previous Board. A man who was seemingly parachuted in from left field to effectively replace Angus as a Springfield vote on the Board. Despite this I was prepared to give the new Board a chance in the hope that things would improve in regards to my core concerns, those being member consultation & engagement. However the handling of the Pinksier membership database leak affair indicated to me that, despite there being a new Board, not much had changed. Members were expressing serious alarms & concerns over an issue only to be fobbed off with a limp wristed “investigation” that didn’t seem exhaustive to those with knowledge of such things and was performed internally by the very same people who could have been behind any actual leak should there have been one. When the members continued to press the new Chairman at the AGM he arrogantly declared the issue dead repeatedly and refused further action on the issue. It was yet another example to me of how out of touch the Brisbane Lions Board & administration are from their membership base and how much, to put it bluntly, that they just don’t get it. That, for me, was the final straw. I love the Brisbane Lions football team and remain a passionate supporter. But until members are given their constitutional rights and are actually listened to by the Board then I won’t be renewing as a financial member of your club.

Being a Melbourne member I know very little about the Springfield site, in fact I feel a little isolated down here. Us supporters have nowhere to meet.

I have full support for Justin Leppitsch as the long term Coach of the team but the process to install him there was deplorable, an embarrassment to those who associate with the Club. The jersey fiasco underlined how out of touch the board is with the punter. Open voting rights to season ticket holders and all members alike to re-empower this great club and to enable open and honest conversation about the choices and direction of the Mighty Brisbane/Fitroy Lions.

It is the Brisbane Lions not the Ipswich Lions so I do not support relocation to Springfield in any circumstances. Why couldn’t the Coorparoo site be redeveloped with a deal with the State Government to take over part of the old CSHS grounds that would now be surplus given most of that facility is now a centre for distance education. Springfield is not a good choice. Many members that I speak with will not renew their membership if they move there.

Simply the whole notion of transparency. We still seem to be operating in a reactive void. What plans are in place to try and claw back the debt? What arguments/education does the Board put forward to the AFL re the difficulties we face ( e.g. the “go home” factor, the limited status players enjoy in this State etc.,the very limited resourcing provided to both the Bears and Fitzroy at the time of merger, 4 Brisbane based codes,, 3 of whom enjoy more success, currently than do we) Has the Board developed a realistic Strategic Plan ( not a Dreaming Document as put forward previously)…a vision is only helpful if it underpinned by solid strategies and resources, human and fiscal. When do they plan real consultation with members and supporters? It saddens me that the great impetus for this process always needs to come from the Lions Roar group, a group for which I am personally very grateful. (Not sure how you want to describe my membership status. Have been a member since 99 but due to commitments in South Australia have fallen behind with payments…but am catching up….Another question for our Board. Why is membership for Port and the Crows cheaper than ours?

Please win more games

Recommence the process in a transparent manner and in a structured manner eg Needs, Funds available,Opportunities, Practicalities,Ongoing operations and maintenance, Expected outcomes, and a means of measuring the success or otherwise of the project.


I am a fourth generation Fitzroy supporter and now Lions supporter. I worked full time for the Brisbane Lions in Melbourne and on game days in Brisbane (once we moved to Brisy) I have now been living in Springfield Lakes for 10 years. The area is full of young and growing families and in my opinion is a great suburb for the Lions relocation and to get on board so many of the young kids in the area… The Lions day at Robelle Springfield was fantastic, I hope there are many more to come…

This is a result of doing things half way .you do things half way that is about as far as you climb any ladder .

What I want is the best for long term survival and success of the football club so many of us hold dear. If this is Springfield with a Bob Sharpless led board then I am happy with that, but apart from the personal assurances of Leigh Matthews that this is a necessary thing I have heard nothing that makes me feel like the club has gone through a thorough process.

Please provide the resources to the club so we can once again be fighting for premierships.. Kudos to Leppa and co. for doing the best they can with resources they have.

The club is not for individuals to stuff around with. Administration is an honour and you are elected to act in the best interests of the supporters and the club. Please remember that.

Springfield is not appealing for players and supporters alike. Players don’t want to be based in the suburbs, they want to be where life is- eg the city or the beach. Gabba is the home now, maybe the lions should take a look at Qld cricket and only move to Albion. I am sure facilities can be sourced closer then Springfield. Springfield is where the Simpsons live.

The more transparent and engaging the club can be the easier it will be to garner support when things turn for the better on-field.

Couldn’t care less where in QLD they train as long the players, coaches and staff receive the best possible facilities they can and in terms of financial gain and membership growth the location is in the clubs best interests.

The decisions made by the club over the last couple of years have been astounding. The club seriously needs to get its act together on and off the field. It is clear there are conflicts within the club from the CEO’s down to the players. How can a club lose 5 top 20 draft picks in 1 year is ridiculous. More could have and should have been done. From the outside self-interest as oppose to club interest is affecting decisions. As for Springfield, last time I checked we were the Brisbane lions, not Springfield lions. Lets not kid ourselves Springfield is out in the sticks. Good facilities can be provided between the Gabba and one of the several AFL grounds within Brisbane. Let’s upgrade these facilities with the partnership of these clubs, would be far cheaper than what is proposed. We are not exactly a flush with funds at the moment. On a final note, the Gabba has 2 clients, Brisbane Lions and Qld Cricket. Do a better deal with them, because the reality is no other team will play there. The ticket/food and box prices are pathetic and lions should be getting a good take out of it. Tell them to halve the prices until every box is full, get corporates back into the game. It is pathetic the number of empty boxes there are during an AFL game.

Updating Coorparoo or Yeroonga are better options.

This year my Family and I have been fortunate enough to have both Lions and Gold Coast suns membership due to my wife taking GCS as her No.1 team and me staying loyal to Lions. (ie: there was no way I would get a Suns membership if didn’t get Lions so only solution is to get both). Anyway, the benefit to this is I get to see how both clubs go about doing things differently. I have found a vast difference in the 2 clubs unfortunately for me the Suns come out on top. My first issue this year was with the membership pack. The items we got in our lions membership pack were of such poor quality that I felt embarresed to use/have them. The ear phones were so poor that I could not stand to use them and within a very short amount of time I threw them in the bin. The Membership stickers that were supplied were so poor that within 2 months of applying them to my car, the colour had faded and eventually completely disintegrated causing me significant irritation in trying to remove the leftovers. I should note that the lions sticker was only a hands distance away from our Suns sticker which is still looks 100%. There are other things I could go on with. Now you might think these things are inconsequential but it is the little things that cause more irritation than the team performing poorly etc. Communication for both clubs are different. This one is harder to put a finger on though and I get emails and website updates from both but for some reason the Suns updates are more attention grabbing. While I am ranting I guess I shall keep going. Now I am not a football coach by any means and don’t profess to provide any knowledge regarding actual football skills at all. By one thing I do feel strongly about is self opinion and overall attitude. Whenever the team are on the field it they always have there heads down and before a game starts they already look defeated. Last issue, is at the home games, during qtr time half time breaks they keep playing those stupid adds about some clothing store where the latest fashion is Blue, Blue, Blue. Well it was the same thing last year and that add is now really getting under my skin. (rant over). I would like to conclude that I love the Gabba and Lions will always be my number one team, but gee wiz it’s hard some times.

If it’s not Springfield then it needs to me something else quickly. The Joke of having no clear base Doesn’t appear to be helping Anything.

Player retention is huge for our club. Moving the training base half an hour to 45 minutes away from Brisbane will make the club more unattractive to kids moving from other states and therefore making retention much more difficult. I’m for a move away from the Gabba if it means better facilities but the location has to be near the city

Brisbane Lions has an identity aligned with Brisbane, and this should be pursued in all aspects of the Club’s activities to both firmly claim Brisbane as its domain and to differentiate itself from the Gold Coast Suns. To me, this means that both the Lions’ training/admin base and its playing venue should be close to central Brisbane. This probably means that the Gabba will have to remain as the home game venue, and I would much prefer the training/admin parts of the club be located close by if it is indeed impracticable to base these at the Gabba. Over time, it will become increasingly difficult for a club based outside of Brisbane to lay claim to representing Brisbane.

History teaches us that moving a team away from its traditional home for simply economic benefits tends to fail. There are numerous examples of calamities, some taking generations to fix, in the history of the VFL/AFL and SANFL. Clearly something needs to be done to improve the facilities for the Lions but moving so far from their “home”, especially when there are no plans to ever play games there, is nonsense. A solution based around a dramatically improved facility at Coorparoo would be optimal but obviously highly unlikely to happen without either government or AFL financial support.

A football club is not like a businees where shareholder dollar is the only measure of value. If the club wants loyal supporters it has to be loyal to us as well. Believe Belong – what are they giving us to belong to? With a Social Club in Logan City not Brisbane and if they move the headquarters to Ipswich City not Brisbane? Might as well go join the Suns.

I would like to see someone who is or understands AFL at the helm of our club

It seems that Springfield would provide a modern facility and Springfield is more central to the populace.

Surely there are other options closer to the CBD so all members and fans can access. We are a Brisbane club. Let’s stay in Brisbane.

I haven’t renewed my membership since that hideous Lion appeared on it. Our club is a farce. Get rid of Bob now!

Player retention & satisfaction + attractiveness to free agents are going to be the biggest key to the club going forward (especially when the results aren’t happening on the field). Asking players every day to commute to or live near Springfield surely won’t assist with player retention & satisfaction. St Kilda’s decision to move to Seaford was made with many of the same reasonings, but St Kilda have been in a downward spiral since then and have lost key players & coaches. And there are suggestions that many St Kilda players privately hate travelling to Seaford everyday. The Lions could face the same issues. We need a high quality, preferably inner city (within 10kms of CBD) base to attract and retain key players. In a competitive marketplace, where most other clubs have high quality inner city training bases, this decision is critical for the clubs future success.

Be more transparent & give us a say!

The success of any Football Club is dependent on an experienced, dedicated and fully committed Board. The newly formed Board and Chairman have yet to prove their leadership credentials. The Lions desperately need to achieve some on-field success within the next 3 to 5 years. This process starts at the top.

I think the best place for the new training and admin premises should be at Coorparoo. Surely it could be built high enough to not be affected by floods. I worked near Norman Creek for 24 years and the flooding was never too high to be a problem if allowed for!!

I support the club’s adm & training facilities to Springfield but NOT the playing of games on it,

Need to buy a couple of marque players to balance our playing roster.

I would prefer to see the club locate their training facilities & administration to the north side as I feel that their are a greater number of people who both do & would support Aussie Rules. The western folk are more rugby league orientated & I don’t believe they would greatly support our code. Also, the proposed ground is a long way from the Gabba & Brisbane.

Why cant they refurbish either coorparoo or chandler much better option players are settled where they are now still close enough to the gabba. MORE CENTRAL

Looking for a new CEO outside of footy might be a good idea. Living in Adelaide I’ve seen second hand the rapid improvements made on and off the field to the Port Adelaide Football Club since David Koch has jumped on board. From once a hopeless team on and off the field to now the team on top of the ladder and finally doing well of the field, just maybe looking into someone with similar knowledge of finances and money like David Koch might be a smart decision.

Bob Sharpless was imposed on the members and we were denied an EGM to elect the board of our choice. Lets have that EGM and clear the air on Springfield and be given adequate explanation what other sites were considered and why they were rejected. We cant move forward until this is settled to the satisfaction of the members.

Why not redevelop yeronga????

I just feel it is a very long way out for any North Coast members, we are the Brisbane Lions not Ipswich Lions going back to Gold Coast days, and that didn’t work out very well at all.

Training and administration needs to be in the greater Brisbane area if moved away from Gabba,also our games must remain at the Gabba.

I know a lot of members including myself that will not be resigning as members if we relocate to Springfield. We have been members for 12 years. It will be too inconvenient and a stupid move to a terrible location.

Are we the Brisbane Lions or the Ipswich Lions?

I believe the new facilities at Springfield (or elsewhere) will only benefit the players/coaches and will aid them in achieving on field success which must now be the priority of the Club. The lions list is young and talented and with a new training facility it will only fast track the development of these youngsters……….go lions!

I can handle moving for elite training facilities but the Lions MUST ALWAYS PLAY AT THE GABBA

I’d like to commend the club on the level of communication now on social media and email. Very handy for me living down in Victoria now where there is next to coverage of the lions! Id still like to have clarified why having a training facility in brisbane isn’t a good option. Understand the Gabba is expensive and cooparoo has passed it’s used by date. Surely there are some other locations within brisbane that would sufficient though. If not. Would like to know why.

Once the envy of the AFL, now the laughing stock.

I remain concerned that the clear wishes and requisition of the members to hold an EGM last year were overridden by the Board and the AFL. More transparency and accountability in board and management processes are needed.

I am impressed with how the Club have improved their communications this year particularly via social media circles. I believe Steele Tallon in particular is doing a very good job answering supporters concerns and should be commended for his hard work. And whilst it is unfair to highlight an individual, as I am sure there are other staff doing an excellent job, it is his name I can put a face to.

In short, we need the best people all levels, not expedient compromises.

i think that Coorparoo should be looked at as the major training ground, the ground is there it just needs the training facility updated and it is still in AFL heartland. Just look at what is happening with St Kilda, it is not working for them at their training base.

Should be close to Brisbane on the north side. Get away from the Gold Coast area

How much thought and investigation has been given to all other options, including the very stong offer made by the Moreton Council with regards to the field at Burpengary/Morayfield. There are a huge number of people who drive to Lions matches from as far away as Hervey Bay and Bundaberg. It is bad enough that the social club is on the south side and is too far for anyone from the north to access, but to head to Springfield for training as well, means all those from the north will have no chance of getting there. Have to wonder how much members are valued sometimes!

Springfield seems too far away from the Gabba. I fear it will be too inconvenient to travel for training for the players and socially isolating a la Seaford/ St. Kilda situation.

I do not support the club moving it’s training and administration base outside of the Brisbane area. I think Yerronga should be further explored.

We’re the Brisbane Lions, not the Springfield Lions.

I think that we, as a club, need to go back to the basics of Business Development, Player management and Player and Coaching Staff treatment instead of looking to moving the club base away from Brisbane central. I have been a member from the start of the club and was disappointed with the decision to establish the social club at Springwood when there was an opportunity to establish it more central location that would have benefitted the Northern Suburb supporters. It disappoints me that more time is being spent on the possible relocation of the Club instead of concentrating on the long term financial viability of the Club, I understand that the Springfield base would save the Club money in the long term but the possible loss of members would adversely effect the Clubs financial viability NOW.

We need to be a more united club that listens and then acts.

Have a look at Adelaide Oval. Impact on attendance numbers building close to city. Cooparoo is a better option than Springfield. Will the club change names again and become the Ipswich Lions?

I am fine with the lions moving their training and admin to a world class facility, I think the process could be explained better but ultimately it is most likely the best location. My problem with the board is their lack of input and consideration to the members, the sponsors and the playing group. The fact that the club is in its current predicament yet was warned years ago is utter crap on behalf of the directors. The way members have been ignored and mistreated has been appalling. Lastly, we need a chairman with a set of balls, none of the better chairmen of stronger clubs would of allowed us to fall so low nor lose the funding to the training venue without an uproar!

The club’s board is a disgrace. Bob Sharpless must stand down immediately.

Look for other alternatives eg. Burpengary, Coorparoo, Yeronga, QE2 use resources we have and develop them

Springfield is more a Gold Coast area and the Brisbane Lions should be looking to further the membership in the fast expanding Northern suburbs. If they move to Springfield they should be called the Springfield Lions. We will then go back to grass roots footy in the Northern Suburbs. Springfield is not a home base to us. We would have to spend the weekend away to be able to go to Springfield.

We would be better off as a club taking advantage of the offer by Redlands council to train at Burpengary and use their ground and aquatic centre or upgrade Yeronga. StKilda made a mistake relocating their training to Seaford and now want to return closer to Melbourne a few yrs later. We cannot afford to make the same mistake as we do not have the supporter or corporate support to get us out of trouble if we fall further in debt. Take advantage of current offers available!

All submissions to the Club for admin and training facilities should be made available to Members.

Show us WHY, if Springfield beat other options. Come clean if it didn’t.

Please, please get Leigh Matthews involved with the clubs decision making……

The club should be domiciled completely in Brisbane. I agree with the need to move admin and training base out of the Gabba but it should remain within a 10km radius of the ground and absolutely within the city confines. I am supportive of Yeronga, Coorparoo and QSAC as potential sites. If the training facilities are moved to Springfield it will cost members and players. this will impact the chances of the club being financially viable. Under no circumstances would l support premiership home games being played out of Brisbane. I have been a full member for 10 years and love the team to death, but they must belong to Brisbane for my continued support. It goes to the core of their being.

I am a loyal Brisabne Lions member and I only want what is right for the club and to get us back on the winners list. I do not support the Lions relocating to Springfield. I support them being at the Gabba or any ground within 10 mins of the CBD.

Recruitment has to pick up. We can’t always say we are in the rebuilding stage, we’ve apparently been rebuilding for years and nothing has changed. I’m sorry but concession ticket prices are slightly high and turning me off going to the game.

To me a move to Springfield is similar to what has happened to St Kilda who have moved to Seaford in Victoria. It is to far from the AFL demographic base and if they do not train at the Gabba they loose home ground advantage. Also board involvement with the Springfield development is to my mind not transparent and it does not sit well with me

GABBA needs a grant to improve their facilities/

Any new training and administration facilities for the Brisbane Lions should be based in Brisbane. Preferably, as close to the Gabba / the center of Brisbane as possible.


I don’t want to see us ever leave the Gabba as our home (playing) ground. I have no objection to where we train or administer our club providing it offers the best opportunities for success.

I’m not opposed to a move, although I can understand the emotional connection to the Gabba, but if Essendon can move from Waverley, Fremantle from Fremantle oval and still keep the overwhelming majority of their supporters, I’m sure the supporters can move on and cope with the relocation, IF it is in the best interests of the club. That I feel is the problem, spending a lot of money when you’re already in massive debt doesn’t appear to be a move in the best interest of the club. Upsetting large groups of supporters when on field perfermances aren’t inspiring people to join up also doesn’t appear to be move that is in the best interest of the club. First class training facilities and the like would be fantastic and if you had the budget of Collingwood reasonable and a reality, but as the club doesn’t have those resources it’s focus should be on improving the small things that would lead to better performances both on and off the field. Win back the trust and confidence of the heart and soul supporters then it doesn’t matter where you train because your team is a success.

I reject any move for home games to be played away from the Gabba.

Doing lots right off the field – feel well looked after as a Member in terms of functions, special deals etc, but am really concerned about this potential move to Springfield. We must learn from the decade we tried to base ‘Brisbane’ on the Gold Coast: Brisbane must be Brisbane.

We must provide the best possible facilities to our players for their improvement but also to retain and attract players. Just be careful of what has happened at St Kilda. The players haven’t embraced the facilities at Seaford and it has cost the club. Several years later, they still can’t nominate a home – Moorabbin, Seaford or the Junction Oval.

We need a unified club not factions fighting each other.

I do NOT support Springfield as a game venue, but I am not concerned, other than financially, where the team trains.

Why is the Burpengary option not being seriously considered??

The fact that Moreton Bay Council has already spent $14million on a 3 oval complex Afl ground and admin facilities and training centre at Burpengary, that is presently under utilized, would mean that this would be a more financially viable option, as money already spent, for the Brisbane Lions to move there. This is also a massive growth area, with an expanding population.

I find it infuriating that the current chairman has denied other possible training bases. The site at Nathan, is a beautiful well equipped sporting base. It’s not far to travel for the the players and fans and more importantly it’s not going to cost 15 plus million to build. The lions are leaking money, we are down almost 12million. This new base is just another hole in the pale.

I think that the club has not heard the voices of members who live north of the Gabba as to where a relocation and state of the art facilities could be best placed. It would be an interesting exercise to see how many members live and commute from the north coast to attend games at the Gabba. Does it not occur to the club that they are competing with members transfering to Gold Coast Suns because of locality and better options from that club, by moving to Springfield. Just makes the voice of the rest of the membership not important, or so it seems.

Not happy to see my club play in NZ before melb. Do not like AFL They think supporters are only there for $$$. The game of today is joke pissed off not following AFL anymore after 50years.

I am pleased that Lions Roar has decided to take the initiative to look into this serious matter.

The club supporter base was halved when the Gold Coast Suns were born, I feel if the Lions move their base out of the CBD, they will loose my financial, and physical support. I feel it could be the demise of Fitzroy, Bears and Brisbane Lions.

I support a move away from the Gabba so long as it is ideal for ALL, that being club staff and the loyal members who have stuck with the club and don’t want what we feel is very important and an identity that is our Headquarters or Training and admin facility being moved to Ipswich. We are Brisbane and our Home Base should be where Home is “BRISBANE”. We don’t want to go back to the Bears days where we were a Brisbane Team but played on the Gold Coast, yes I know wwe will be playing at the Gabba and I know we wont be playing in Ipswich but I’m sick of people using this club for self vested interests!

I would only support an upgrade of current facilities i.e: Coorparoo. I do not feel that moving 50 minutes out of Brisbane is viable. Brisbane Lions should be in Brisbane and as a Victorian member, if I need to come up to a match/ training, then Brisbane is a much better option for me and my family. Thank you

It was reported Sharpless had rejected an offer worth $40,000,000 to use the already-built new complex at Burpengary, while apparently still needing $15,000,000 finance for the unbuilt Springfield project. If the Club has financial problems, then these sorts of decisions need some further explanation to Club members, season ticket holders and supporters to retain their interest and concern with its prospects..

I am a supporter only this year I haven’t purchased seats in protest to the manner that Voss was dealt with and the general behaviour of the board. Springfield is geographically impossible as a base not only for the Lions but supporters and junior football. Surely it would be a better ideas to develop Coorparoo which is accessible to all. most players live close to Coorparoo. why don’t we take a leaf out of dare I say Collingwood with the city based Lexus centre. I am waiting for a good change so that I can have my seat back. another thing the cost of seats for the not so wealthy is making going to the footy almost impossible. thanks for all your good work. I am very disillusioned.

Sort our once great club out before it is too late and LISTEN TO YOUR MEMBERS!

Players, like the St Kilda players, will not want to travel to Springfield to train. Why not try somewhere closer to the Gabba, maybe Kedron, Wilston Grange, Morningside. Springfield should not be chosen just because it is cheap!!

In a marketing sense the Lions need the Brisbane market, if they are to move out of the Brisbane City area to North Lakes or Springfield then then they will no longer be perceived as the ‘Brisbane’ Lions. I’ve been in community marketing for 20 years consulting to some of Australia’s biggest corporations and it’s clear you can’t make something part of the community when they are located else where. The Lions may play at the Gabba but if the board keeps saying they will move the “home” of the Lions out of Brisbane they will untimely loose the support of the Brisbane market which will be the death of the club.

Support new facility but not at Springfield. Like Burpengary, It’s too far out of town.

It’s imperative the club gets the selection of the new CEO right!!!

I would like to know why other sites were not actively pursued, and if they were what were the real reasons for rejection

The St Kilda experience of moving far from it’s home and supporter base and now wanting to return may be a lesson.

Yeronga or coorparoo are great alternatives to the gabba. The boys ate going great, in the sense that the youngsters are stepping up. Look at port and Adelaide supporters they live coming into town to see they’re team, why move out of town? Also I think the lions can need to create a supporter base up north, sunny coastcause as we know this country is very northerners and southerners orientated. Good luck to the lions in these dark times for us

The Victorian setup has regressed significantly, and is nothing short of a disgrace. Not only is the office practically non-existent to the public, the advice they provide at times is incorrect, and does nothing to make a member feel a part of the club.

I can not see why re-developing the Coorparoo ground is not being considered. It is basically a blank canvass. It is minutes from the Gabba so fans could come and watch the team train or spend money in a licensed club. Pre season matches could even be played there to raise further funds for the club. I would say that the club could spend half the money that is being mooted on the Springfield option on Coorparoo and come up with a far superior outcome. Why hasn’t this option been canvassed? And If it has, why hasn’t the membership been told that it has. As a freelance journalist I have interviewed Lions players recently and even they can’t understand why re-developing Coorparoo hasn’t been an option.

move it to zillmere

Will it be accepted by the players to move away from the city

Be more open with members and Supporters

I’d like to see if Coorparoo could be further developed as the all season training base, saving players, staff and fans long trips to training, train fares being excessive for anyone without transport. We are the Brisbane Lions, not Ipswich or Springfield Lions. Keep us located where we are meant to be, in Brisbane.

What’s wrong with either upgrading the Gabba training facilities or Coorparoo?

I know it won’t happen but Leigh Matthews is being wasted on the board & should be taking a more proactive role in the football department. The board needs talented, responsible & experienced AFL club administrators.

The Brisbane Lions belong in Brisbane…. we are NOT the Springfield Lions. It is very disappointing that the Coorparoo and Yeronga options have not been further investigated. Why the Brisbane City Council is not more involved in this process is a mystery. Moreton and Ipswich both seem to be much more interested – shouldn’t we work harder to engage the BCC in this process?? And our games MUST always be played at the Gabba!!

If you look at developments in other cities club’s administration and training facilities are central. Also games have moved back to central city venues like the Gabba. The best solution is to upgrade Cooparoo as the summer training venue in conjunction with the BCC and keep the Gabba as our home.

Any redevelopment must be with the Brisbane City area eg. Coorparoo or Yeronga

I support the Brisbane Lions current direction, I believe that we should be lobbying the AFL for sufficient funds to run this club as a going concern. I will not tolerate another Fitzroy disaster where they were just hung out to dry because Port Adelaide had offered the AFL a significant amount of money to join. Compared to our current debt the Fitzroy debt now makes them look like one of the more wealthy current clubs. The club and the AFL should be pursuing someone like Adrian Anderson as the next CEO. We must also invest in talent recognition and I believe that we have made a good start by appointing Peter Schwab. However, can PLEASE make sure that he is fully funded and has the resources that he requires. Finally have we seriously looked a couple of these American boys coming over to try out for AFL. I look at the fellow who is 214 cm high and has the agility of a tall midfielder. Can we please look at someone like this as a scholarship/International or future project player. Who is going to be able to punch the ball out of his hands??? Thank you for the chance to have my say.

Please till play home games at the gabba as it’s one of the best grounds

As a Gold full member who lives on the Sunshine Coast we are paying around an extra $250 a year to get to and from games. Public transport is just not a feasible option especially for night games. The board needs to consider that many members do not reside in the Brisbane CBD and this should be taken into account with the scheduling of games as well as all other factors about the club. While I know the club is losing money it would be very much appreciated if the Lions or the AFL would partially subsidise the Sunshine Coast Lions Club supporter’s bus

The club is the Brisbane Lions, not the Ipswich or the Springfield Lions. Why do this when the club is struggling ? I do not see how this is of benefit to the team rather than being some dodgy looking vested interest developer scam. Brisbane Lions = Gabba.

I wish the club would stop lying about things and just be straight up with their supporters. If they keep going im afraid we will end up like fitzroy weare already 10mil in debt to the afl. And i wish the afl would start equally with the other clubs. The way the umpires make some calls it looks like the AFL seriously dosent want us in the AFL.

We need to commission someone to write, or have an open competition to create a song or war cry for the supporters to sing to stir up the enthusiasm for our team to greater efforts, something like the English soccer crowds. The mournfull “ LIIOOONNS” sounds like a cry for help!! Last night we watched Adelaide Crows fight tooth and nail to beat Collingwood, with the help of the roaring and screaming 50,000 parochial home crowd. The effect was palpable. I have seen glimpses of our supporters getting into similar noisy efforts at some of our close losses and wins. WE NEED MORE NOISY SUPPORTERS !!!!

Do any of the team or any of the club’s employees really want to travel out to Springfield? There is much unhappiness at St. Kilda re going to Frankston and a big push to move back to civilisation. Similar situation to the Lions going to Ipswich!

I feel positive about the direction the club is heading. While I think there is always room for improvement in terms of transparency around important decisions, and I would like to see the Lions Board give some more ownership of the decision making process to members, I also want to see some consistency at the club. We’ve been through a lot of upheaval in the last several months and stability riight now is really important. Cheers

Springfield is quite frankly the ass end of nowhere in Qld and further alienates the Club from having a presence in “Brisbane”. A move to Springfield is like the Saints going to Seaford, pointless, and won’t increase support or do anything in my opinion to enhance the membership base or presence of the AFL or in particular, the Lions in Queensland (despite the AFL pouring a bucketload of money into the Suns, the Lions keep getting shafted on a number of issues (ie. draw, allowances etc) and this would be another set back for a great club). It would be a shame to see Springfield happen – as someone who resides in both Melbourne and Queensland and have been a member of the Lions for a number of years – it could be very harmful to the Club and long term consideration / deliberation needs to be considered rather than a short-term injection of cash. We also have major retention problems, the players driving each day to such a bloody woeful location to train wouldn’t enhance the retention factor at all. Please re-consider the Springfield move (BTW, isn’t that the Simpsons home base, we’d put ourselves as the laughing stock of the AFL ….) I’m not sure it’s beneficial on a number of levels.

I am absolutely so frustrated with the lack of communication from the club to the members. I am also frustrated as a Victorian member that the club isn’t more vocal to the AFLabout the lack of matches played in Victoria .

As a Melbourne Based member, I feel perhaps even more isolated from some of this decision making, and it wont *directly* affect me, HOWEVER, I recognize that the players need the very best facilities, and if the club has outgrown the Gabba then they need access to the best facilities. I’d just like to be convinced that a complete process was done to select the location for those new facilities.

I am disappointed with the Club’s financial position. I was fobbed off when I tried to raise this with 2 of the former administration Directors.

Should the club relocate to Springfield, I will be unable to attend matches, distance would be a problem,plus we have already relocated from Carara, I believe we should stay where we are and build, more twilight games, the younger one’s can see the footy and then do the town, they are the next full time members with the families .

This survey is crap, I have already typed a large statement but now have to do it again. I can’t see why there is such an uproar about moving to Springfield cause I live at Greenbank and travel into the Gabba for very home game. What is different to people travelling out to Springfield from Brisbane? The Gabba needs a big clean up, I thought that it was supposed to get a face lift but apart from the concrete being painted and the playing surface being replaced nothing seems to have been changed. I think Springfield will be good.

It was a joke when the “Brisbane” Bears were stationed at the Gold Coast. Now they want to move away again. Why not the Sunshine Coast ,maybe Toowoomba ,Bundaberg etc. We are the Brisbane Lions. Not the South East Queensland Lions.

As a member for six yearstill 2008, we found it increasingly difficult to get to the Gabba. As pensioners, were also finding membership difficult. Found the performance of the previous board disgraceful, but am now heartened by the appointment to the board of Leigh Mathews and he can be the savior that is needed to get the Lions back to their former strength. Since moving to the Gold Coast we have been interested in the formation of the Suns, but are critical of the AFL because the formation of the Suns was to the detriment of the Lions. It is now up to the AFL to recognize the impact that the formation of the Suns has had on the Lions and recognize the need that they need help to compete in an NRL environment.

I would prefer to see the admin and training base close to the Gabba.

If Carrara didn’t work for the BRISBANE Bears, what makes some people,often not from Brisbane , think damn Springfield will. It’s almost Ipswich. Many Brisbane people from thd north side of the river almost get lost on the south side , and vice versa. The fact that Fitzroy has been treated badly hasn’t helped . Merger? Nonsense!

Why was the generous offer from Burpengary ignored?

I do not think the club can afford to take on any more debt in the short term. Better facilities would be a bonus but I don’ think the cost should override the benefits.

Are there discussions and deliberations that need to be taken behind closed doors and are not really the business of the general public / wider membership base of the Lions – of course there are. Do we get that – of course we do. Do we harbor deep within the desire to believe that the board is operating solely with the best interests of the Lions are heart? We would like to but you are doing a very bad job of the old ‘avoiding even the appearance of evil’ think when it comes to the pros and cons of Springfield vs say Yeronga, QAC and Burpengary … We hear you say that you cannot change the jumper yet we keep getting special ones and other clubs have changed theirs very quickly when faced with a member backlash. We don’t need to know the names but the number and the process used for the ‘focus group’ for the current jumper would be very helpful… When you stand up and tell us things that are decent spin but we know them to be false it really really really doesn’t add to your credibility… remember your helpful comments re Pinky and all his special email / database access – you are not Bill Clinton and answers that reek of weasel words make us think of … well weasels! You (I hope) want to grow the game / club – one of the best ways to do that is through member engagement – we are not stockholders, employees, indentured servants or anything else that forces us to be involved / engaged except for our own love of the game/club etc. Right now the game is going through a tough time and our team is going through a tough time and our state is not exactly helping (thank you Uncle Campbell) – if you want us to engage and keep paying over our membership moneys and buying our merchandise and trekking to the Gabba and cheering on the boys then you need to engage our love and our loyalty. We don’t have to – we do it because we *want* to. There are current members of our Lion’s family who are here because they are fourth generation Fitzroy supporters who have transferred over – engage – make your people feel important – remember that you are a non-profit sporting organisation not just a normal business – and if you cannot sell your product we either go elsewhere, do without or just reduce our engagement.

Provide public details for all proposals and sites, and explain why one site is better than another.

I think that you survey is contrived to give negative feedback on the move.I ticked yes that I support the move to Springfield.Then I ticked neutral that it was an open process then it went to a question saying that I did not support the move,which is untrue.At the end of the day the board is elected to run the club-they cannot run all decisions past the members.The board gets no money to do the job and work hard to get things done.It is easy to sit on the sidelines and complain. At least they are trying to do something to try and turn the financial fortunes around.The Lions Roar should be trying to support the Lions instead of trying to divide.

I don’t see enough of the players in the community ! have grandchildren at 3 different footy clubs and they only seem to visit once a year.

Yes, when is this stuff going to finish. Also for God sake get the young guys signed up long term, they all look good.

I am very concerned about the rumours persisting re a possible re-location of the BRISBANE Lions to Springfield. If this goes ahead it will mean the end of the Brisbane Lions. We are a BRISBANE Club, have you any idea how long it would take members from the northern suburbs in Brisbane to see a game at Springfield? Even Metricon Stadium at Carrara is closer! Being a Gold member for many years, I am very disappointed that all these decisions about OUR club are being made by the board with absolutely NO consultation with members. Go ahead with this decision at your peril, I will NEVER support a BRISBANE Lions team relocating to Ipswich. I love the Gabba, we meet up with friends at the German Club prior to the match and it has a buzz to it, we just love the atmosphere….as many of the fans from our rival team turn up at the German Club also so there is some great banter. Year by Year you (the Board) are trying to alienate its bread and butter…your members and fans! First of all you got rid of our great Club at the Gabba, then you relocated to The Chalk Hotel (disaster), then to Springwood (disaster), we need a central club facility, the Bronco’s found that out relocated to the QEII Stadium at Nathan. Where are they now? Back where their fans want them in Brisbane. They re-furbished their old stadium….and they now have a state of the art Stadium back at their old home ground, and boasting record attendances. While I love the Lions and have supported them through the good and the bad, I find this decision to relocate most distressing. This is a Brisbane Team NOT an Ipswich one, if you want a team out there, then do a GWS and get one! This decision would be paramount to moving Collingwood to Geelong…Sure that would go down well! Do you want AFL to stay in Brisbane Central or not?? Go out on match day and ask your loyal supporters what they think about a move to Springfield!

Why on earth would we move our administration faculties to rugby league heartland????

you need 3 or 4 options to look at but remember we are Brisbane lions not Springfield Lions, like other Melbourne based clubs have suburb names

It’s the Brisbane Lions not the Ipswich Lions. Upgrade Coorparoo facilities and add a decent Social Club in Brisbane (not Springwood, not Springfield) at Coorparoo or the Gabba.

Springfield ? I thought it was the Brisbane Lions rather than the Ipswich Lions. Re-develop the Gabba so it is a good training and admin facility .. look at Adelaide oval and the superb job that was done there. Otherwise find some land that is more central to all of Brisbane (not just the west) like the Broncos at Red Hill or Reds at Ballymore.

I think it’s a brilliant move, and in the best interests of the club. A brand new facility right on a train line is the perfect place for the Lions to grow their future.

Stay at Brisbane

Honour the merger agreement re Victorian based games, and bring the Fitzroy lion back to the jumper

Unless we get our act together I am seriously considering shifting my support to the GC Suns as at least they have a vision and a future !

Keep our kids and hire people outside the club

Why has Springfield been chosen for new training and Admin Centre and why can’t Coorparoo be upgraded to suit the new training and Admin centre?

There is a perfectly good, already developed, new AFL facility at Burpengary. To the best of my knowledge the offer, to the Brisbane Lions by the Moreton Bay Shire Council, to utilize this facility, has been rejected. My information is (hearsay) that both the Brisbane Lions and the Sydney Swans were impressed with the Burpengary Complex.

I would prefer another Training Facility and Social Club and Parking to be at Coorparoo Footy Ground, with Bus Service where Supporters can go to on Match Day before and after the Game and to watch Training, and to generate income for the Club, (rather than all the Pubs around the Gabba). At least a feasibility study should be undertaken!

Leigh Matthews should be made Chairman of the board as he has brought success to the club, and has inspirational leadership skills. The Lions with the help of the AFL should negotiate a better deal at the Gabba for playing and training. Springfield is way too far out of town Victorian members who come to Brisbane to see home games.

I would like to see the arguments or reasons behind any current or future selection of facilities and venue. I am not naive and realise the Gabba is a costly ineffective option for training facilities etc, but I would like to see something that clearly identifies all possible options with the reasons for possible or actual exclusion included. To not have members attend training, or reserves games due to distance and conflicts of schedules will decrease engagement but to be openly transparent in selection of a venue will increase satisfaction. Then once the options are identified or if a decision was made, publish all the information – online, by email, have a stand upstairs and downstairs at home games. The more information for members etc and the more openly transparent the better accepted any decision will be.

Essential for strong, stable board with football background

I just want to see Brisbane in line with the rest of the competition with access to the same caliber of facilities as other teams. I wholly support a move to Springfield if it’s best for the club’s on field success. The bottom line looks after itself when the team is performing to a level that makes people want to watch the game in person, buy your merchandise and support the team. Twice in the past year I have taken non-AFL people to the Gabba only to have our guys run out of legs and be dominated physically from about 2nd quarter and they have not been impressed with the spectacle. We absolutely have to get this portion of our team right to get new bums on seats and $$ onto your bottom line.

Transparency for all decisions made by the club. Consultation with members for all decisions made by the club regardless of what the board believes to be in our best interests no matter how big or small.

Not as many late night games on a Saturday night. A few more afternoon games would increase crowd attendance, especially for families with younger children.

My wife and I are Foundation Members of the Brisbane Bears and the Brisbane Lions. We are very happy with the Football Department and having Leigh Matthews as the Director of Football. Justin Leppitsch is doing a great job with the young players. We have to be patient with the team as we were when Vossy, Nigel Lappin, Simon Black and Aka etc were in their young developing days. However, with the current economic environment and the critical financial situation of the Club, it is insanity to even consider a move to Springfield that will cost many millions and alienate a large number of members when we need to be attracting more members to the Club. We lived through the Bad News Bears Days at the Gold Coast and saw the Club almost go Bankrupt when Christopher Scase was running it.Without Ruben Pellerman we wouldn’t exist as a Club today. The move to the Gabba saved the Club as we became a truly Brisbane Club and not a cross bred establishment on the Coast. The move to Springfield (Ipswich) will dilute the “Brisbane” part of the Lions and we will become another version of a cross bred establishment. The difficulties with transport to Springfield even in the train (which is not cheap from Brisbane) will be difficult and expensive for elderly Members and Members with a family. Traveling by vehicle would take my wife and I at least an hour or more and then it will be difficult getting a car park (for sure). So as you can see my wife and I are dear against any move away from the Gabba. If we have the money to go to Springfield why haven’t we got the money to upgrade the facilities at the Gabba and get a more suitable Tenant’s Agreement with Queensland Stadiums? Without the Lions, the QCA wouldn’t have sufficient finances to even play at the Gabba. Most Sheffield Games only attract half a dozen spectators. If they didn’t have the annual Test Match, the two one day games and the odd twenty twenty match the Gabba would be just a waste of space. Allan Border field at Albion hosts Shield games (I think) as the costs of playing at the Gabba with the very, very poor attendance makes it too expensive.

Why doesn’t the club develop a site which is closer to the centre of town. Possibly Coorparoo Park. The managment and Board have proven over the last few years that they are not interested in the long term benefits and well being of the Brisbane Lions.

Being a footy fan for almost 70 years(old crows supporter in SA) the Gabba has the best atmosphere than any other stadium accept MCG at finals time. I live over 1,000.00 kms away now so only get there twice a year, would be there every week if I could

Get rid of that boorish idiot ‘muggsy’. Embarrasing and pathetic. If you want to see and feel great atmosphere & be offered a wide range of decent, resonably priced food at a football game, then visit Suncorp somtime and see how they do it. Ditto if you want a good example of decent ground staff. Give up the “Lion’s TV” and have the players training instead. Novel thought. Bring back Leo the Lion and get rid of the try hard Elvis impersonator.

Either close down the Victorian Brisbane Lions office and put the Vic based supporters out of our misery or show some commitment to the hard working group based there………4 weeks to get memebership packages from the Brisbane office is a sure indication that we are not a priority and not wanted. (actually told that 3 years ago by a Brisbane office based membership sales person).I am not bothered if they have their training and admin complex in the middle of the Simson desert. It means nothing to the Victorian supporters.

Please,, just settle all administration issues as soon as possible so the coaches, players and supporters can once again concentrate on and enjoy the on field football.

Let Lethal make the calls

The relationships that board members have with Springfield do not rule it out as an option, but they make it even more important to list the alternatives that have been considered, and the reasons that this one has been chosen. This should include the reliance on federal/state government and AFL funding, and contingencies in the event of any of these funds not being forthcoming (whether that be other locations/arrangements, changed scale/timeline of the facilities, or other options).

Don’t follow S tKilda’s failings with a remote training facility. They too are now looking to move back to St Kilda at great financial loss. An average person learns from therir mistakes, however a smart one also learns from the mistakes of others. Brisbane is Brisbane.

The Members are unhappy with the treatment we have received from the Board for quite some time, they would not listen to us at the AGM last year, at times they were quite rude to the members. Big improvements need to be made or our once great club will be no more, preferably a new board to be elected. No trust anymore in anything they say or do.

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