Together We Brought It Back! #PrideInTheJumper

Today is the day that we all #BroughtItBack!

The Brisbane Lions today launched the 2015 home and away guernseys. As voted by members at last year’s AGM, this marks the return of the premiership era Brisbane Lions jumper design featuring the traditional lion emblem.

This is the culmination of half a decade of campaigning by thousands of fans of this great club and The Lion’s Roar is honoured to have been a part of it. We are deeply indebted to all of the passionate Brisbane Lions members and supporters who came together to make this happen.

We also wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all those at the club who not only helped to bring this about, but who also continue to work hard to strengthen the level of engagement between the club and its fans.

Most importantly, we hope this has given members a renewed belief that the club is listening to us and that our voices can, and will, continue to make a difference.

On the back of this milestone moment and one of the most exciting trade periods in our club’s history, we strongly urge all Brisbane Lions fans to do their bit to maintain the positive momentum. Now is the time to renew memberships and stock up on merchandise. There’s now even an option to package a guernsey with your membership payment plan! Take to social media and show your #PrideInTheJumper!

The Lion’s Roar will continue to act as an advocate for members and fans of the Brisbane Lions. The 2015 AFL fixture will be announced on 30 October. Several months ago we reminded the AFL of its agreement to schedule a minimum of six Lions games in Melbourne, so we’re all keen to see them honour that obligation. 

We anticipate being in touch with you about that soon, as well as keeping you up to date in the build-up to this year’s AGM.

As always, if you’ve got an issue you’d like raised, please feel free to email us or hit us up on facebook or twitter.

Go Lions!

Adam, James, Andrew, Nathan, Craig & the rest of The Lion’s Roar crew.

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