The Lion’s Roar Co-Founder Nominates For Lions Board

The Lion’s Roar wish to announce that our co-founder James Kliemt has officially lodged his application to run as a candidate for the Brisbane Lions Board of Directors at the upcoming 2014 Annual General Meeting.

James’ experience and accomplishments in stakeholder engagement are extensive. His work managing social media for Queensland Police has won numerous national and international awards. James helps organisations connect better with the community by providing strategic advice in areas such as stakeholder and fan engagement, media, openness and accountability and crisis management.

In the event that James is successfully elected, he has expressed his intention to immediately cease involvement with The Lion’s Roar. While we would be saddened to lose James’ ongoing contributions to the group, we believe he is an outstanding candidate for Club Director. We at The Lion’s Roar wish James the best of luck in the upcoming election. Should he be successful, we look forward to working closely with him again – albeit from the other side of the table!

For additional information on James, or to contact him, visit his profile.

As an advocacy group for Brisbane Lions members and fans, The Lion’s Roar has an active interest in ensuring an informed and engaged membership base. As such, we intend to assist any and all candidates for the Brisbane Lions Board of Directors in getting their message out to members and fans.

We anticipate a communique will be sent to our mailing list shortly after the November 1 nomination deadline with details of all known candidates and their respective election platforms. We urge all candidates who are interested in being included in this communique to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

It’ll be refreshing to see members presented with options this year!

Go Lions!

Adam, James, Andrew, Nathan, Matt, Craig & the rest of The Lion’s Roar crew.

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