The Lion's Roar Co-Founder Nominates For Lions Board

The Lion’s Roar wish to announce that our co-founder James Kliemt has officially lodged his application to run as a candidate for the Brisbane Lions Board of Directors at the upcoming 2014 Annual General Meeting.

James’ experience and accomplishments in stakeholder engagement are extensive. His work managing social media for Queensland Police has won numerous national and international awards. James helps organisations connect better with the community by providing strategic advice in areas such as stakeholder and fan engagement, media, openness and accountability and crisis management.

In the event that James is successfully elected, he has expressed his intention to immediately cease involvement with The Lion's Roar. While we would be saddened to lose James’ ongoing contributions to the group, we believe he is an outstanding candidate for Club Director. We at The Lion's Roar wish James the best of luck in the upcoming election. Should he be successful, we look forward to working closely with him again - albeit from the other side of the table!

For additional information on James, or to contact him, visit his profile.

As an advocacy group for Brisbane Lions members and fans, The Lion’s Roar has an active interest in ensuring an informed and engaged membership base. As such, we intend to assist any and all candidates for the Brisbane Lions Board of Directors in getting their message out to members and fans.

We anticipate a communique will be sent to our mailing list shortly after the November 1 nomination deadline with details of all known candidates and their respective election platforms. We urge all candidates who are interested in being included in this communique to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

It'll be refreshing to see members presented with options this year!

Go Lions!


Adam, James, Andrew, Nathan, Matt, Craig & the rest of The Lion's Roar crew.

Together We Brought It Back! #PrideInTheJumper

Today is the day that we all #BroughtItBack!

The Brisbane Lions today launched the 2015 home and away guernseys. As voted by members at last year’s AGM, this marks the return of the premiership era Brisbane Lions jumper design featuring the traditional lion emblem.

This is the culmination of half a decade of campaigning by thousands of fans of this great club and The Lion’s Roar is honoured to have been a part of it. We are deeply indebted to all of the passionate Brisbane Lions members and supporters who came together to make this happen.

We also wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all those at the club who not only helped to bring this about, but who also continue to work hard to strengthen the level of engagement between the club and its fans.

Most importantly, we hope this has given members a renewed belief that the club is listening to us and that our voices can, and will, continue to make a difference.

On the back of this milestone moment and one of the most exciting trade periods in our club’s history, we strongly urge all Brisbane Lions fans to do their bit to maintain the positive momentum. Now is the time to renew memberships and stock up on merchandise. There's now even an option to package a guernsey with your membership payment plan! Take to social media and show your #PrideInTheJumper!

The Lion’s Roar will continue to act as an advocate for members and fans of the Brisbane Lions. The 2015 AFL fixture will be announced on 30 October. Several months ago we reminded the AFL of its agreement to schedule a minimum of six Lions games in Melbourne, so we're all keen to see them honour that obligation. 

We anticipate being in touch with you about that soon, as well as keeping you up to date in the build-up to this year’s AGM.

As always, if you've got an issue you'd like raised, please feel free to email us or hit us up on facebook or twitter.

Go Lions!

Adam, James, Andrew, Nathan, Craig & the rest of The Lion's Roar crew.

Brisbane: The AFL's Forgotten Frontier

We call on the AFL to acknowledge and address the player retention issue that has been exacerbated by their introduction of Free Agency.

Homesick draftees leaving clubs isn't a modern phenomenon. However since the introduction of Free Agency it is now culturally acceptable for draftees coming off their initial contracts to nominate the club of their choosing - or in the instance of Chad Wingard, actively telling GWS he'd leave ASAP if they drafted him.

First round draftees have effectively become the ultimate free agents without any of the restrictions faced by their older counterparts. When it comes to the trade table this typically results in poor compensation for the spurned club, as their preferred club holds all the cards.

The Lions have most keenly felt this cultural shift because they are the only frontier team without any form of retention allowance. Given their list composition (with only 6 Queenslanders on their list) they are effectively forever fighting with one hand behind their back. Leigh Matthews called it many years back when Des Headland went home to Freo: the Lions have effectively become a feeder club, mired to the bottom of the ladder endlessly investing time and effort into developing kids only to see them leave and other clubs reap the rewards.

How YOU can help:

There are a myriad of solutions to the issue, both large and small, but first the disadvantage needs to be acknowledged by the AFL. For that to happen the wider public needs to accept that it is a problem. That's where you come in. Talk to your friends to raise awareness of the issue. Take to social media. Demand that mainstream media discuss the problem. Ask why the AFL isn't addressing it. Demand a level playing field. Make yourself heard!

Go Lions!

Editorial: "Is Eddie kidding?"

The president of the biggest club in the country is complaining about inequality, and he appears to be serious.

In a breathtaking example of self-interest and wilful blindness, Collingwood president Eddie Maguire is reported to be complaining about the "advantage" Queensland and NSW based clubs have through their Academy systems.

For those who don't follow the drafting process closely, the Academy provide a loose system to allow the 4 clubs in non-AFL states to develop homegrown talent. It doesn't create a recruiting zone, as used to exist. Rather, every Academy player is available to all clubs through a pre-draft bidding system. If the club running the Academy wants to secure that player, they have to match the highest bid.

So, this monstrous advantage being afforded to clubs from outside the AFL heartland effectively amounts to an ability to keep homegrown players whilst paying a fair price in terms of draft picks. Since the introduction of the academy system in 2010 a whopping 8 players from Qld and NSW have been taken via the national draft, all of them with speculative late picks. Ironically Collingwood drafted three of those players - the most of any club. The Suns also took three players, all from Brisbane under special start-up concessions. The Lions and GWS have "plundered" just one project player each.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the equation, Eddie's black and white crew has every other advantage possible in this competition. It has so much money it barely blinked an eye at contributing to an AFL "poor tax". It has every off field resource imaginable. If it is worried about its list, it can woo young Victorians like Taylor Adams and Patrick Karnezis away from their NSW/Qld clubs using the "go home" factor. It has a team of recruiters the size of which would put Uncle Sam to shame. 

It gets extra money from blockbuster games like Anzac Day and Queens Birthday. Its sponsors get free to air prime time exposure on a near weekly basis. Looking after Collingwood in terms of stadium arrangements meant screwing over smaller Melbourne clubs. 

Collingwood complaining about inequality is like Clive Palmer complaining about paying taxes. Even if they have a point (and they don't), the sheer audacity of it has the rest of the population shaking its head at the arrogance and ignorance of these fattest of fat cats.

If equalisation is the goal, then people like Eddie can't be in charge of the system to achieve it. In fact, the AFL should studiously ignore him because he's only driven by one thing - positioning Collingwood at the top of the pile in every respect. He cannot be trusted with the long term interests of the game.

The Academies enjoyed by GWS, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast provide the smallest advantage to those clubs with potentially enormous gains of growing the AFL talent pool outside from its heartland. It is sound policy but it hardly makes a dent into the structural, financial and geographic advantages of Eddie's Collingwood.

In the coming days, The Lion's Roar will release some confronting figures around talent retention that will highlight exactly how hard it is for AFL's frontier clubs. These challenges dwarf the potential benefits of the Academy. 

It is tough to watch our club struggle, on and off field. But we cannot allow people like Eddie to keep his foot firmly on our throats. Stay tuned folks as this is the next battleground for Lions supporters.

Springfield Survey

In recent weeks we have received significant feedback from members and supporters regarding the proposed move of our club’s training & administration base to Springfield.

We have been listening to members and have produced the following short survey based on their feedback to us. Once complete we will publish the results and forward them to both the club and the AFL.

We'd really value your input.

Click here to have your say on Springfield.

Media Clarification

A couple of minor clarifications stemming from this article.

The Lion's Roar does not support or oppose the Springfield development, nor have we represented that all Lions supporters are angry about a planned move of the training and administration base to that site.

It is our position that the decision making process has not been fully explained to members and supporters. Whether or not Springfield is the best possible outcome, we believe it is incumbent on the Board to fully explain their decision and to reassure supporters that all options were given due consideration. Once more information is released then we may be able to form a firmer opinion.

We have received a lot of feedback on this issue in the past couple of weeks. We continue to rely on feedback to guide us. The more we get, the better we can represent you. As such, in the coming days we intend to conduct a survey. We hope this'll be just the first in a regular process to help us keep our finger on the pulse, so your participation would be appreciated.

Lions CEO resigns...

The Lions Roar would like to acknowledge Mr Malcolm Holmes for his 3 years of service as CEO of the Brisbane Lions. This has been a very difficult period in the Lions' history and it cannot have been easy to lead the club during this time.

We welcome the opportunity for this club to make a fresh start under a new leader. With so much work needing to be done, now is the time for a new CEO who can bring first hand experience from successful footy clubs as well as an understanding of the unique challenges facing the Brisbane Lions. 

Our club needs someone who can rebuild it from the bottom up. We need someone who can set us on a path to financial recovery. We need someone who can robustly represent us down in Melbourne at AFL House. We need someone who can ensure the football department has every necessary resource to improve the players who wear the maroon, blue and gold each week. And we need a CEO who will truly open the lines of communication with us - the members and supporters of this great club.

This is not an easy job to walk into. There are lots of obstacles to overcome. But we believe rebuilding the trust of members and supporters should be a top priority. We look forward to working with the new CEO in returning this club to greatness.

More Lions Upheaval?

In case you missed it, there have been a number of press reports in recent days flagging changes at the Brisbane Lions. This has included speculation around the future of the Springfield project, the likelihood of direct AFL intervention and possible changes in the leadership at the club.

This article from the Courier Mail this morning suggests that the AFL intends to have greater input into the future direction of our club, including potentially playing a significant role in appointing new administrators.

While it is frustrating and sad that our once great club has reached this new low, we hope that this will prove to be a new dawn for our beloved Lions.

As you know, late last year the club's Board descended into public infighting. Lions members realised a drastic change was in order and an EGM was called for them to have their say. The AFL chose to intercede and mediated a compromised result.

We sincerely hope the AFL have now realised that half measures and compromised solutions are not sufficient to get our club back on track.

Yet we are cautious.

It is our view that direct AFL intervention is a double edged sword. While we welcome the AFL providing the necessary resources and advice to get our club back on its feet, we are concerned that members will once again be ignored. Through this rebuilding process, we call on the AFL and the leaders of the Brisbane Lions to ensure that members and supporters are engaged and their concerns genuinely addressed.

Our club is in trouble. We call on all parties to commit to a clear and decisive course of action which will fundamentally rebuild the Brisbane Lions and not just apply short term, politically palatable, band aid solutions to the many problems we face.

Lions games at Springfield..?!

Like a great many Brisbane Lions members and fans The Lion's Roar have been taken aback by comments made by Chairman Bob Sharpless regarding his vision of our club playing games for premiership points at Springfield rather than the Gabba.

While we understand the comments may not reflect official club policy we are very concerned that the Lions Chairman appears to favour a future for our club that would be strongly opposed by the majority of Lions members.

With the Springfield heads of agreement due to expire shortly and funding for the development appearing uncertain, we await further comment from Mr Sharpless fully explaining his position and his intentions for the future direction of our club.

The Lion's Roar wants to assure members that we will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will do our best to keep Lions supporters and members informed of any updates.

The Lions AGM: Be Heard

Not long to go before the Brisbane Lions AGM (6pm, 18 December at The Legends Room, the Gabba).

We have received quite a few queries, so here's the low-down:

1. The AGM - get along or nominate a proxy. 

There are two items of special business on the AGM agenda.

The first is a proposed amendment to the constitution to allow Life Members (such as Leigh Matthews) to be appointed as Directors of the club, along with other rights enjoyed by full members. This seems a no-brainer.

The second special item on the agenda is a proposal to change the club's guernsey logo back to the 'Fitzroy and Triple Premiership Lion'.

The Lion's Roar has long campaigned for members to be able to have their say on the guernsey, after it was changed without significant consultation several years ago. While it has, in our opinion, taken far too long to get to this point, we are thrilled that the moment has belatedly arrived. We hope members take this opportunity to finally have their say, one way or the other. 

Members with voting rights should have already received their AGM notices. We are aware that some voting members (such as those who have changed addresses recently) may not have received their AGM notice. That won’t change your entitlement to attend in person to vote, or your ability to nominate a proxy. To that end, a PDF of the club’s proxy form is here.

If you can attend the AGM in person, we encourage you to come along and be heard. 

If you can’t make it, then we encourage you to nominate another voting member you trust to act as your proxy. While it is possible to nominate the Lions Chairman for this task, quite a few members have asked The Lion's Roar to act as a proxy so we will be providing that service.

We have previously campaigned for members to be able to have their say on the jumper, rather than promoting any particular design. As such, the two co-founders of The Lion's Roar will each be offering themselves as a proxy, but on opposite sides of the guernsey issue:

a)    If you are for the motion to revert to the Fitzroy and Triple Premiership Lion, and wish to nominate a representative of our group as your proxy, please nominate Adam Staines (membership #1120089, address: PO Box 149, Annerley, QLD, 4103);

b)    If you are against the motion to revert to the Fitzroy and Triple Premiership Lion, and wish to nominate a representative of our group as your proxy, please nominateJames Kliemt (membership #1014791, address: PO Box 149, Annerley, QLD, 4103);

Then simply return the completed and signed proxy form to:

The Lion's Roar
PO Box 149
Annerley, QLD, 4103

...or scan and email it to

Both James and Adam will be voting in favour of the balance of motions put at the meeting, which include ensuring that ‘Life Members’ have the equivalent rights of ‘Full members’ of the club.

The forms need to be received by The Lion's Roar before 9am December 16th, so they can be lodged with the club before 5pm that day. Please don't leave it too late.

2. Members' privacy concerns.

We are dissatisfied with the club's findings of the internal investigation regarding the mass e-mail of members by Dr Henry Pinskier in the lead up to the EGM. Our view has been informed and reinforced by voluminous feedback we've received from irate members on the issue. These members received emails from Dr Pinskier to email addresses which had only ever been provided uniquely to the Brisbane Lions. Other members were addressed by name/email address combinations registered uniquely with the Brisbane Lions (eg wife's name / husband's email address). Furthermore, emails were sent segmented by State - ie different emails were sent to those who lived in Victoria vs Queensland.

As accomplished internet techies, the co-founders of The Lion's Roar do not accept that it is possible to garner the level of detail demonstrated in the emails from social media or social networking, as has been claimed. The club and the AFL is governed by the Privacy Act and under no circumstances should a third party have access to members' contact details without their express consent. 

We believe members deserve better than an announcement buried on the club’s website late on a Friday night, with a few paragraphs giving the club the all clear.

We intend to put questions to the Board about this at the AGM and we would encourage other attendees to do the same. After all the recent unrest, this is an opportunity for the Board to start with a clean slate and to engage transparently with members. We sincerely hope they take that chance. The health of our club depends on it.

3. The financial picture.

The financial loss announced by the club is very concerning. While some of the planks already put in place appear to suggest that a recovery is achievable, it seems that there is some way to go. From our perspective, the picture only reinforces the importance of the club engaging with its supporters.

4. Welcome to Steele Tallon as General Manager of club communications.

In recent weeks, Steele has taken over in what we see as a key role for members and supporters. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Steele to the club. We have already met with Steele and are encouraged by his focus on supporter engagement.

5. Don’t forget the footy!

After some dark days during the trade period, the light is already beginning to shine, with the club widely lauded for its performance at the draft. It would be remiss of us not to welcome Jackson Paine, Trent West, Luke McGuane, James Aish, Darcy Gardiner, Tom Cutler, Daniel McStay, Lewis Taylor, Nick Robertson, Jonathan Freeman, Zac O’Brien, Isaac Conway and Archie Smith to the club – we are certain that we are not the only ones excited by them joining the Lions’ pride. It goes without saying that we’re right behind the current membership drive and want everyone who can to sign up as members.

We’re sure that the coming months and season will be one not to miss!

Go Lions!

Adam, James, Andrew, Nathan, Craig & the rest of The Lion's Roar crew.


Addendum: AGM FAQs:

1) Am I allowed to vote?

If you are qualified to vote, chances are you will have received the AGM agenda with a proxy form via mail. However we are aware that some members haven't received that letter, and should have, so it may be worth checking. The following membership types have full voting rights:

Prime (with September Member addon)
Standard reserve (with September member add on) 
Victorian Plus
Traditional Victorian
Gold Class

Note: Standard has a September Member addon available to provide voting rights. If you purchased this as an add-on, you do have vote rights. 

*You have to be 18 or over to vote.

2) I just became a member. Can I vote?

The Club has confirmed that only 2013 members with full voting rights are able to attend and vote at the 2013 AGM.

Lions Fixture Response

While an improvement on the 2013 fixture, the AFL has again failed to provide the Brisbane Lions with a minimum of 6 games in Melbourne in 2014, as required by the legal documentation signed when Brisbane and Fitzroy merged.

As the Lion's Roar revealed last year, the AFL signed an agreement in 1996 which guaranteed a minimum of 6 Lions games per season in Melbourne. While this agreement had never before been made public, it was consistent with the Deed of Company Arrangement put in place when Brisbane and Fitzroy merged their football operations.

The Lions Roar spokesperson Adam Staines says:

"We're happy that there has been some movement on this issue. This is a better outcome than we saw last year, which was completely unacceptable.

"However, as with last year, the Lions are being used as the AFL's vehicle to promote the game on the game's frontiers like New Zealand instead of being allowed to focus on our heartland. After a torrid off-season and a lean 10 years since our last flag, our club desperately needs to re-engage with its supporters in both Melbourne and Queensland. 

"The Lions' Melbourne based supporters are integral to our continued viability. Whenever the club has played in Melbourne, the Roy Boys have shown themselves to be among the most passionate, rusted on barrackers that our club has. They are the most tangible link to the club's Fitzroy heritage, a link which is dear to all supporters. 6 games in Melbourne should be a mandatory minimum, not a stretch target which the AFL never really intends to reach.

"5 games in Melbourne plus 1 in Geelong looks like a reasonable outcome from the outside. However, our Melbourne based supporters tell us that Geelong games are notoriously difficult to get tickets to. So, in practical terms, the Geelong game is not really accessible to Lions supporters. 

And the fact remains, Geelong isn't in Melbourne, which is what the AFL is legally obliged to deliver."

"The Lion's Roar want to help the Brisbane Lions re-engage with its supporters but we'll continue to have one arm tied behind our backs until the AFL does the right thing and schedules at least 6 games in Melbourne every year, without fail."

The Lion's Roar notes that Lions' chief executive Malcolm Holmes has welcomed the 2014 fixture. While we acknowledge that it is an improvement, we call on the club to continue to make every effort to ensure the AFL meets its legal obligation to schedule 6 Lions games in Melbourne.


A Statement From Leigh Matthews:

 Now that a slightly new, united board under the Chairmanship of Bob Sharpless and with the critical support of the AFL is now in place at the Brisbane Lions I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the 800 odd members who initiated the request for an EGM. This action played an important role in starting the process of change that I, and I think the membership, wanted at board level.

I hope those members who took the time to send in the requisition forms can understand that the messiness and expense created by an EGM was always the last option and when the new look board was flagged and brokered by the AFL to us last Wednesday morning , the Fresh Start team became convinced that it was in the best interests of the club’s future for that proposal to be accepted.

In particular this acceptance only happened because our intended new chairman Paul Williams came to the team first view that the financial assistance that accompanied the proposal was too valuable for the club to knock back and he felt compelled to stand down from the board , along with Angus Johnson and Linda Nash , as a condition of the arrangement being be put into effect. Additionally Dr Allan Smith and Ross Thornton agreed to stand down from their intention to run for election at the EGM. So the new board was able to be formed which brought with it total stability and unity back to the club and it is now full steam ahead. As I said at a recent press conference, the labour may have been painful but the new baby is healthy and progressing well.

The future is always uncertain but I am confident that the changes that have occurred over the last few months, new coach , new “Football Manager”( Peter Schwab) , new Chairman and new Football Director provides a terrific platform for a brighter future. 

Your assistance and support has been much appreciated.

Go Lions!!

Leigh Matthews

Time to heal

 The news that the Brisbane Lions Board dispute has been resolved is welcome.

From the beginning, The Lion's Roar have argued that the disunity within the Club was too damaging to let linger. We consistently told the main players "sort it out or let the members vote at an EGM". 

That the parties have finally reached a resolution allows our club to rebuild, under a new leadership and with renewed energy. No matter which side of the dispute you supported, boardroom battles were causing devastating damage to the club. The best outcome was always going to be a resolution that both parties agreed to. That appears to have been achieved. 

We understand that many of you wanted to go to the EGM and exercise your rights as a member. We also understand that the negotiated outcome might feel like you've been denied that opportunity. 

While we are also disappointed that the EGM probably won't proceed, the fact is that the Annual General Meeting will be held in less than 2 months and is a good opportunity to raise any issues on which you wish to seek answers from the club. We urge all members to get to the AGM, scheduled for Dec 16. Keeping the club's leadership accountable and transparent has to remain our primary focus, now and into the future.


e, The Lion's Roar organisers, are willing to give the new Board the chance to turn things around. We want the club, under the Chairmanship of Mr Bob Sharpless, to usher in a new era which is marked by proper and meaningful supporter engagement. As we've always said, the members own this club and the Board is answerable to you. 

We've had assurances from within the new Board that they will be starting afresh. There will be no factions and no alliances - just 5 people who have the good of the Brisbane Lions as their driving focus. We trust that this is the case.

We would like to give our thanks to all of the outgoing directors - Angus Johnson, Linda Nash and Paul Williams. We recognise that their selfless actions in stepping aside are, in part, a reason why our club now has the opportunity to rebuild. Each of those people contributed significantly to the club and each deserves to be acknowledged for their work. Thank you Angus, Linda and Paul.

The Lion's Roar won't be going away. We'll be demanding better and more productive supporter engagement from the new Board. We'll be there to ensure that the vote on the jumper goes ahead. We'll keep fighting for our Victorian supporters' right to see their club play in Melbourne as per the Fitzroy merger agreement. And we'll continue to provide you with a voice on all issues which affect members and supporters. We urge you to continue to join us in standing up for our rights as supporters. We hope the silver lining out of this situation is a more engaged and vigilant membership.

But we also feel that it is time to unite. The last few months have been marked by a nastiness and division which is not the Brisbane Lions way. It is time to put that behind us. We feel that The Lion's Roar can contribute to a building a strong and unified Brisbane Lions. We look forward to working with the Board, the Club and all supporters in achieving that.

Go Lions!

More Shenanigans...

It has been brought to our attention that an individual has been canvassing for members' proxy votes.

Concerned members have advised us that this individual has contacted them using details previously only available to the Brisbane Lions. As such we intend to raise these concerns with the AFL integrity unit over how this individual got access to these details.

As a supporter advocacy group, The Lion's Roar is pleased that all members will have an opportunity to have a say in the future of their club at the EGM.

We further advise those members unable to attend the EGM in person to give careful consideration to who they nominate as a proxy. Granting it to the wrong person may have unintended consequences. For example, if your nominated proxy doesn't attend the EGM your vote defaults back to the chairman. Further information on nominating proxies will be forwarded to all members in coming days, with plenty of time to lodge them prior to the EGM.


EGM Update: The End Is In Sight!

 ...or should that be "a new beginning draws near"?

As you may have heard, the Board of the Brisbane Lions today announced that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club will be held on 13 November. This update (link) from Chairman Angus Johnson gives some information about the process and the resolutions to be proposed. 

The shorthand summary is that members will be asked to vote on three key issues: the make-up of the Board, whether Life Members should be given the same rights as Full Members, and a proposed change to the club jumper.

The Lion's Roar considers this to be a momentous occasion in our club's history. While it took some time, eventually the Board has heard the plea from all of you that this matter should be put to a member's vote if the Board could not find a long lasting resolution. Now, the responsibility to find a way forward rests with you. This is how it should be.

You will see that the resolutions will call for the removal of 5 directors: Angus Johnson, Cameron Milner, Linda Nash, Mick Power and Paul Williams. The latter two are the challenging directors who are aligned with Leigh Matthews. We think this amendment is entirely appropriate - you should be given the right to have your say on the future of all 5 directors.

We are incredibly excited that the issue of the club jumper will be voted on! We've always maintained that whether you like the current jumper or the old one, as members and supporters, you deserve to be properly consulted on any change. That didn't happen with the last jumper change but you will get your say this time. Well done to the Board for making this call. It is long overdue.

Over the course of the past several weeks, we've been in contact with both Mr Johnson and Mr Williams. Indeed, our representatives have met with both parties for several hours. We firmly believe that all directors are acting in what they consider to be the best interests of the club. If nothing else, this dispute has shown that we still have a lot of people who are passionate about the Brisbane Lions. That can only be a good thing for the future. Whatever the outcome of the elections, all directors should be congratulated for the time and effort they have put into the Lions.

Where to from here?

Members with voting rights will receive formal notice from the club of the EGM and the resolutions which will be voted on. It also appears that each director will be given the opportunity to communicate with you via the club. We urge you to become engaged in this process - be informed about what each director stands for and where they intend to take the club in the future. This EGM is critical to our club's future, and your vote will decide the direction of the club.

If you can, we strongly recommend you attend the EGM to cast your vote. We think it will send a strong signal to the footballing world if we can get a full house for the meeting. You will be saying "this is our club and we will fight for it."

We see our role as keeping you informed. We will provide you with as much information as possible about the EGM, the voting process, proxies etc. It may be that we'll take a proactive role in ensuring your vote can be lodged, even if you are unable to attend. Stay tuned.

We will also continue to extend the opportunity to all directors and prospective directors to speak to you via our forums.

We won't be taking sides. We think it is up to each individual to decide on how to cast their votes. To us, the success is in the fact that the club is listening when you speak. We intend to remain neutral because this is your call.

Finally, we would just like to say that we are over the moon that we're nearing a resolution to this disunity! We thank you for your efforts in ensuring that members and supporters have a voice at the Brisbane Lions. This has been an trying time to be a supporter of the Brisbane Lions, but we will get through these struggles and our club will be stronger for it. 

Bring on the EGM!

Adam, James, Michael, Andrew, Nathan, Craig & the rest of The Lion's Roar crew.

Board Shenanigans Update

 As many of you will know, the time for the club to call the EGM passed yesterday. This effectively gives the Williams ticket the option of scheduling the EGM if they choose to do so.

A brief release on the Lions website advised last night that mediation was ongoing and a board meeting will be held next Tuesday.

As we've consistently said, we believe the members have the right to be heard and it is our view that if the club cannot be repaired through negotiation, then the members want the EGM to proceed. 

We're not involved in the negotiations between the two tickets and the AFL so we can't update you any more in that regard. We have spoken to both the Johnson and Williams tickets but don't have a strong sense whether a resolution is imminent or even possible.

While we are frustrated with the ongoing delays, The Lion's Roar has decided to give the camps until Wednesday to resolve this. From your various communications with us, we know that you are also frustrated. As we've always sought to do, we've let both camps know your feelings - that you want action and that the delays are becoming increasingly unacceptable.

Hopefully, Tuesday's board meeting will bring some more clarity to the situation. Once we've heard from the opposing camps, we'll get back in contact with you next week.

We do have options. One way or another, we will get this sorted. Our proud club deserves nothing less.

Our Club, Our Say - Members Demand to Be Heard

Brisbane Lions Supporter Advocacy group The Lion's Roar is disturbed that the AFL is seeking to stifle the right of members to have a say on how their club is run.

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou is quoted in media as saying:

“Our position is very clear, if the members want to call an EGM they can do that, they can do what they want but they shouldn’t rely on the AFL’s financial support..."  

If Mr Demetriou is suggesting that financial assistance is incumbent upon the members not exercising their rights, then it is a slap in the face of the many members and supporters who have called loudly and consistently for the right to have their say on the future of the Board.

The Lion's Roar spokesperson James Kliemt says:

"We were hopeful that the AFL would play the role of the impartial mediator. Instead, it looks like the AFL wants to sweep this dispute under the carpet. If the AFL simply wants quick resolution instead of pushing for the best long term outcome, then we would argue that the members of this great club deserve better. 

"Our position has not changed. We believe that the members have the right to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting to bring some stability back to a divided club. We believe that it is the moral duty of the Club to schedule that EGM as soon as possible. And we believe that no-one involved in football has the right to hold members to ransom by withholding financial support from the club.

"We call on the AFL and the rival tickets to strive for a meaningful and long-lasting resolution to the current dispute. If that cannot be achieved, then an EGM must be held as soon as legally possible so that the owners of the club can have their say."

Lions Board Crisis: Time to Play Your Part

It had been hoped over the past few days that the current division within the Board of the Brisbane Lions would be resolved without the need to pursue an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Football Club. Disappointingly, our communications with both parties leave us with little hope of a resolution in the near future.

As such the Williams/Power/Matthews ticket has decided to immediately progress with plans to formally pursue an EGM to allow members to exercise their voting rights and end the deadlock.

Their reasoning for doing so can be found here.

We at The Lion's Roar are not advocating support for either ticket in this dispute but, in the absence of an amicable resolution, we believe calling for an EGM is now the most practical solution for ending the division.

In order for this to occur, your formally signed and submitted request is now required.

Please note that this form does not constitute a vote for a particular candidate. It is simply a request to fast track proceedings for members to vote for or against the Williams/Power ticket and restore board stability as soon as possible. For more information on this, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are convinced, like we are, that calling for an EGM is the way forward we implore you to:

  1. Read our FAQ to ensure you’re fully informed
  2. Understand how to fill out the required Requisition form by reading these instructions
  3. Download, print and complete the Requisition form from here and post it to:

P.O. Box 3819

Victoria Point West

QLD 4165

We must stress that every Requisition form submitted is vital to the success of this process and urge every voting member to exercise their rights at what is a crucial and historical moment for the Brisbane Lions.

Please also continue to spread the word to friends and family to get involved in shaping the future of this great club.

Williams, Power & Matthews led ticket demands immediate EGM to resolve Lions board crisis.

Our club is at a crossroads.

At the Brisbane Lions board meeting this morning, Brisbane Lions directors Paul Williams and Mick Power gave notification of their intention to run a ticket, which includes former Brisbane Lions coach Leigh Matthews, against the current board.

Current Chairman Angus Johnson conceded this afternoon that the situation the board now finds itself in will leave the club “destabilised” until the matter is sorted at the club’s Annual General Meeting, currently scheduled for December.

Irrespective of individual views on the performance of the current board or the merits of particular tickets, the current instability and uncertainty at board level CAN NOT be allowed to fester until December. In that period, the club will be required to embark upon another important off-season list-management and player recruitment period, as well as undertaking the most crucial and significant staffing decision in at least half a decade in appointing a new senior coach.

The decisions made in this period will have significant consequences for the success or failure of the Brisbane Lions Football Club in the decade ahead, and can not be left in the hands of a board fractured by issues of no-confidence and unresolvable differences of opinion on the future direction of the club.

How you can exercise your rights.

The club’s constitution provides a mechanism for members with voting rights to seek a speedier resolution to this crisis in the form of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). If a request for such a meeting is lodged with the written support of 5% of all members with voting rights, the club must process the request within 21 days and then set a date for the EGM within 2 months.

It is important to note that pledging your vote to call for an EGM does not constitute a vote or endorsement for either the current board or any opposing ticket. Voting for particular directors or tickets would occur as a separate process at the EGM.

While we do not intend to endorse any particular candidate at this time, The Lions Roar has agreed, at the request of the Williams/Power/Matthews ticket, to act as a central facilitation point for members who wish to vote for an Extraordinary General Meeting.

For the new ticket, or against it, the first step to getting the matter out of the way before December is for members to pledge their support for the holding of an EGM to vote on the newly proposed ticket.

Members who pledge their support in the above form will be emailed a document in the coming days with which they can officially lodge their call for an immediate Extraordinary General Meeting.